Can Air Purifiers Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

There’s absolutely nothing like the feeling of being able to breathe effortlessly, chiefly if you suffer from lung or heart problems. That’s where air purifiers play a significant role in making your life more comfortable. Did you know fixing an air purifier in your home or business can help you breathe better and improve your heart health? LakeAir’s air purifiers are the best home air purifiers made to be used in many diverse environments. We make air purifiers for the home and produce quality room air purifiers. Besides, we sell whole-house air purifying models- truly American-made products made in our plant in Racine, WI since 1968.


We believe the most significant way to enhance your indoor air is to reduce or eliminate the causes of pollutants and freshen with clean outdoor air. Besides, research reveals that filtration can be a powerful supplement to source control and ventilation. Using a portable air cleaner and updating the air filter in your furnace or central HVAC system helps improve indoor air quality immensely.


Air purifiers are planned to purify the air in a private room or area. In addition, a central furnace or HVAC filter purifies the air throughout your house. Air cleaners and HVAC filters can reduce indoor air pollution; however, they cannot remove all pollutants from the air.


If you’re sensitive to any indoor allergens and can’t control the root of the problem, for example, you’re reluctant to give up your family pet; in this case, an air purifier is a game-changer. Air purifiers can help catch some of the irritants that may trigger your symptoms. It’s challenging to remove these allergens entirely, but you can cut down on them, which may help the problem.


Besides, consider using a dehumidifier in damp areas, such as a basement, to help prevent mold growth. Ensure that bathrooms and other sources of mold areas are well-ventilated and remove any mold that accumulates in the shower, on installations, or walls.


Air purifiers are beneficial for whom?

Since air purifiers can be expensive, it’s imperative to ask your physician to weigh in on who will benefit from them. Of course, those who use air purifiers are most likely to reap health benefits, especially in areas with immense air pollution, cities having poor air quality, or near a primary source of pollution like factories, industrial facilities, and wood-burning fireplaces.


In particular, air purifiers may help individuals with existing illnesses/diseases that affect the lungs, such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, and conditions of the immune system. If you have trouble fighting infections, getting an air purifier might be advantageous.


Other Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

  • Change your AC filter regularly to ensure your AC unit works efficiently, especially if you have serious illnesses.
  • Other air filters in your home, like a vacuum cleaner, clothes dryer, and kitchen vents, must be inspected and maintained periodically.
  • Check your air ducts to ensure it is free from mold, dust, and dander to reduce overall air quality.
  • Be sure to turn on kitchen vents as the gas stove releases chemicals that the body can easily absorb.
  • Keep your rugs and carpets clean.
  • Control humidity in your home as this helps grow mold and mildew that can make respiratory issues worse.
  • Grow more indoor plants to freshen the air. While enhancing your home décor, they also pull contaminants out of the air.


We make air cleaning products for various industries. Our commercial and best home air purifier models eliminate dangerous particles from the air you breathe at work. In addition, we supply air purifiers at discounted rates to schools and even give a free 30-day trial for any institution to witness if our products are good enough for their classrooms.


Clean air has always been zeal for the entire LakeAir squad. America has upgraded the air purification in homes, commercial buildings, and medical facilities. Simultaneously, we have aimed our potential to provide refined filtration products for these innovative requirements.

Our experts look forward to helping you with the best home air purifiers that suit your needs with affordable MERV 14 and more eminent solutions to retain the air indoors, safe and sound.


It needs constant attentiveness and anticipatory maintenance to keep the air in your place pure, fresh, and breathable. Now that you’ve discovered simple steps you can do yourself to reduce indoor air pollution, consider setting up a meeting with our LakeAir specialists today by calling us at 800-558-9436.