Checklist for buying commercial UV air purifiers

Most people don’t often think about the air they breathe. Air contains odors, but it also carries dust, invisible allergies, other microscopic bacteria’s, and microorganisms. Hence, It is essential to breathe fresh, clean air. Factories and business places contain airborne chemicals, dust, and aerosols. These particles can cause harm to workers, guests, and customers and negatively affect your business.

Similarly, if you require a sterile, clean environment or work in a medical facility, clean air is a critical requirement. There are numerous models of air purifiers and a countless number of air purifier manufacturers available. Selecting an air purifier with online recommendations and reviews is a daunting task. But not anymore! LakeAir offers you inexpensive MERV 14 and higher solutions to keep the air we breathe safe, unhygienic, and healthy. We have focused our energy on providing improved air filtration products for these new requirements/demands.

Read on for more information if you’re looking to buy a commercial UV air purifier.


1. People purchase commercial air purifiers for the following reasons:

•        To eliminate odors:

Smoke, cooking smell, pet odor are a few of the countless indoor air quality issues that require commercial air purifiers installed.

•        Dust and allergies:

Pet dander and various air pollutant and allergens can trigger allergies or cause discomfort to workers and cause them to fall ill and reduce productivity.

•        Bad bacteria:

Microorganisms, fungi, spores, and viruses can be removed using a commercial air purifier.

2. Outlined are a few businesses that require commercial UV air purification systems:

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Dental clinics &hospitals, and other health care centers
  • Warehouses, industrial or manufacturing facilities, grinding, welding, or wood shops
  • Embalming facilities, spas, and saloons
  • Crawl spaces, basements, and tunnels
  • Fire departments, sewage remediation facilities
  • Construction and restoration sites

3.     Method of air cleaning:

At LakeAir, our New Maxum HEPA provides four air changes per hour in up to 1120 square feet and is the most robust air purifier in its place. This HEPA air purifier is True HEPA and removes all of the indoor pollutions. You need this one if you have asthma or other diseases/allergies.

  • Electrostatic, this type of unit, removes mold, pollen, smoke, pet dander, and many other indoor pollutants. It uses electrostatic to clean far better than big box store air cleaners.
  • LakeAir Carbon Filters include an activated carbon filter. The filter removes odors and VOCs. It can take out smells and guard your loved ones, family, and pets against VOCs for a year.
  • LakeAir UVGI Filters are a vital part of filter technology today. These filters emit a particular type of light form known as UV-C. UV-C light is the most effective in killing germs and viruses is in the 260 to 265 nm range. 

4.     Choose the right model:

In addition to filtration, several other parameters need to be addressed. One such parameter is to measure the space in which the air purifier will be installed. For effective operation, the unit’s space should not exceed the maximum space recommendation mentioned by manufacturers.

5.     Cost:

You can buy an air purifier for less than $200 to $1,700. What matters most is buying an air purifier manufactured with precision and doing its intended job. Similarly, additional parts and accessories will increase the price of the unit.

LakeAir products are built in our plant in Racine, Wisconsin. Some brands of air purifiers are ‘assembled’ in the USA. Also, we punch, bend, weld, and paint the air purifier parts in Racine. This is a genuinely American-made product, and our top skilled American workers assemble every unit. Our products have been made here since 1968.

Green manufacturing is significantly more than energy power, and the best part is that LakeAir follows six green manufacturing principles: durability, recyclability, locally, and energy-efficient. LakeAir products last 2 to 3 times longer than most air purifiers with a 7-year warranty. Over 90% of our parts are recyclable, and our products use local resources. Our air purifiers made in the USA will hardly cost you anything if ran for a day.

To learn more about commercial UV air purifiers, contact LakeAir to get a quote within your budget and needs. You can refer to our webpage for information on the various commercial air purifiers we manufacture. We will do all that we can to help you get a clean air solution for your world.