Smoke Eater – Cigarette, Weed Smoke Eater for your home

Do you have close friends who smoke regularly, and you cannot resist calling them over to your home for the weekend? Does the thought of smoke lingering in your home always bother you? If you smoke in your home or are anxious about a smoker in your home, then a home smoke eater is necessary. So, what is a smoke eater exactly? Home smoke eaters are air purifiers that provide relief from smoke-saturated air in your home/office. At LakeAir, we understand how important it is to be social, and we want you and your friends to be comfortable and experience clean air circulating in the house. Our handy home air cleaners will help eliminate your home of tobacco smoke, cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, and even cannabis smoke.

LakeAir produces a fantastic variety of air purifiers that gobble up smoke quickly. Whether you own a smoky bar or an industrialized plant with many smoke-related issues, LakeAir’s smoke eaters are one of the best solutions to your smoke problems. Our air purifiers for a cigarette, cigar, and weed smoke are made in the USA.

We offer various types of air cleaners that fit into commercial, industrial, and residential applications. All our branded products are made with an all-steel body to provide the most durable and robust air purifiers. As an added bonus, we offer a 7-year limited warranty on all our products. LakeAir air-purifying systems are created to provide clean air in several ways and places. Our mission is to provide “Clean Air Everywhere.” Most of our customers tell us that they have been using our LakeAir products for over 20 years.

smoke eater is a lifesaver and can help you and your loved ones live in peace. The Maxum electrostatic air purifier is quiet at only 49 decibels and happily removes more than the smoke you see. It kills countless air pollution particles/fumes that are hazardous to everyone’s health.

Our home smoke eater air purifiers are perfect for man caves, recreation rooms, basements, and home offices. Pick from compact home smoke eaters, wall-mount smoke eaters, or ceiling-mount home smoke eaters. Also, our air cleaners are quiet, so they can be used in bedrooms or living rooms and are exceptional at reducing tobacco smoke odors.

You could also use the below steps to prevent smoke in your interior, be it your cigar lounge, vape store, or other smoke-related company/home.

  • Freshen up fabrics

Smoke sticks to surfaces, especially fabrics that are permeable. Carpets, linens, upholstered furniture — hold smoke smell—Wash fabric items like curtains, linens, and blankets, when possible. Baking soda can be an excellent DIY smoke absorber. Sprinkle some baking soda on carpet and upholstery, let it absorb odors, and vacuum it up. A vapor steam cleaner or an odor-eliminating spray, or automatic air fresheners can also help mask odors on the go, but it isn’t an ultimate game changer!

  • Air it out

After an air purifier, the second-best option is opening windows and doors to remove the smell of smoke from an indoor place. Switching on electric fans to circulate the air will help freshen your space; do it often as part of a deep clean. While doing this, remember that outdoor air may contain pollen and other allergens. If anyone at your business/home has allergies or respiratory issues, you must buy an air purifier without giving a second thought.

  • Clean surface wholly

You must wash hard surfaces like walls and ceilings with a cleaner. Surfaces don’t hold smoke/odor as well as fabric, so a thorough cleaning will help remove smoke smells.

LakeAir air purifiers are great for weed smoke. Our electronic air cleaners eliminate dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, and various air pollution particles. Every system has an activated carbon filter that removes gases, fumes, and odors. No matter what you require cleaning from the air, LakeAir products do the magic for you. Our weed smoke removal systems are easy to install, low maintenance, and reasonable.

If you enjoy smoking cigars, weed, or cigarettes in your house, you should consider purchasing a residential smoke eater since there are no shortcuts to health. Keeping your home environment free from cigar/weed smoke may also help boost your home’s value.

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