Do These to Improve Air Quality of Your Home

As you might be aware, air pollution levels are going up with each passing year. This holds true for both indoor and outdoor air. Often homeowners tend to focus too much on outdoor air pollution and wrongly assume that indoor air is not as polluted as outside air. You will be surprised to know that indoor air tends to be more polluted than outside air. So, if you are thinking that by staying at home you can protect yourself from toxic air, you are highly mistaken. Since we spend nearly 87 percent of our lives indoors, it is essential that we keep our indoor air as clean as possible. Smoke, for instance, can be a big problem in many homes. Smoke from cigarettes and cigars, wildfire, kitchen, etc., can all cause problems to children, seniors, and people who might be allergic to smoke or are asthmatic.

The best way of dealing with smoke is using a home smoke eater from LakeAir. Our smoke eater can effectively remove every type of smoke and many other common air pollutants from your house. While using our smoke eater is essential, doing some other basic things can also help you reduce air pollution in your house. In this blog, we will tell you some simple yet effective ways of tacking air pollution in your house. What are those ways? Let’s find out.

Make Sure Rugs And Carpets Are Clean

There is no doubt about the fact that rugs and carpets are great at improving comfort in our homes. However, we should not forget that rugs and carpets can trap a lot of dust, dirt, and many other debris. If you do not clean them on time or every week, you are unknowingly allowing them to affect the air quality of your house.

Have Cooking Vents Installed In Your House

We do not realize but our beloved kitchen where we cook tasty foods can also affect the air quality of our house. For instance, harmful contaminants from gas stoves such as nitrogen oxide and monoxide can greatly affect indoor air. Also, electric burners release the same type of pollutants that can cause problems to your guests or some family members of your house. So, if you do not have kitchen vents, make sure you install them and turn them on whenever you are cooking in your kitchen.

Place Some Indoor Plants

Plants are natural air filters. You can search for different types of indoor plants online and place your favorite ones in your house. These plants will not only improve your home decor but also air quality of your home. Buy plants that are especially known for effectively pulling contaminants out of air such as ferns and lilies.

Replace AC Filters On Time

Needless to say air-conditioning systems help us live comfortably in our homes by maintaining a comfortable temperature. Keep in mind that while providing us cool air, our AC filters also trap some air pollutants in the process. Every filter loses its ability to effectively trap pollutants after a certain amount of time. If you do not change your AC filter on time, it can become clogged and circulate air pollutants in your house. So, always change AC filters on time.

While doing the above-mentioned things is essential, keep in mind that solely relying on them won’t help you keep your indoor air totally clean and fresh. You will have to get LakeAir’s home smoke eater to effectively remove all types of smoke from your house. We have different types of smoke eaters. You can check them out on our website. We also have replacement parts and other accessories for air purifiers and smoke eaters.