Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Your Air Purifier

With the air quality levels deteriorating each day, the day isn’t far where we would have to roam around in space with our heads covered with oxygen bubbles (like the one in the movie Wall-E). Even if you don’t get the movie reference, you know what we are talking about. Every being requires fresh air. Especially, your pets. In case you missed out on one of our previous blog posts, we have discussed in detail the importance of air purifiers in pet households. Since you are reading this blog, you have made the right decision already. However, buying one alone won’t do the trick. A proper maintenance regime ensures that your device works efficiently while making your investment worthwhile.

Air Purifier Maintenance Tips: Dos & Don’ts

Choose a good location to place your device

A sealed space with closed doors and windows is an ideal place. This prevents the outdoor air pollutants to enter the clean air space. Also, make sure that your device isn’t cooped up in a corner surrounded by storage material and other items. It should have enough space to allow a proper exchange of air and optimal efficiency.

Schedule regular cleaning of filters

Set a reminder and track your filters regularly to make sure that your pet air purifier works with full functionality. Along with lengthening the longevity of your device, it will also save you money. If your device’s pre-filters are washable, make sure you dry them properly before putting them back.

Remove dust from external grills and panels

While internal cleaning is of utmost importance, keeping your device’s exteriors dust-free is vital too. Once you unplug your unit, use a dust cloth or vacuum the external grills and panels to remove dust build-up. In case there’s a specific cleaning instructional manual with your device, make sure you follow it.

Keep the surrounding area of your air purifier clean

Dust bunnies and other forms of dirt mean unnecessary work for your air purifier. Ensure you clean the area regularly and remove all the extra dust. This allows your device to focus on those hidden pollutants and harmful particles that cannot be seen and are thus hard to remove.

These tips will ensure that your purifier rewards you with years of pure air. It also ensures that your unit always performs at a peak with minimal energy consumption.

With over decades of experience in air purification, Lake air constantly strives to offer better technology and solutions to channel a breath of fresh air across every commercial, residential and industrial space. Our quality control standards and efficient filtration system remove every pet allergen and dander to deliver clean air to your space. For consultation or queries, feel free to reach out to us at our toll-free number 800-558-9436.

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