Eco Friendly Solutions for a Cigar Lounge

Hello, my name is Kim, my husband of 15 years really likes his cigars. I guess I don’t mind them to much if he smokes them outside. Here in northern Georgia, it gets a bit cold in spring. We even had snow on March 12th. My husband has been telling me its to cold outside too enjoy his cigars. I told him I don’t want that smoke and smell in the house.


Eco-Friendly Smoke Eaters

He showed me a review for a product by the name “smoke eater” posted by a local establishment called the Cedar & Smoke Cigar in Cedartown Georgia. In the review the owner tells a story of a woman with lung disease being able to enjoy a meal inside their business. Well, I called, and talked to the owner “Ron”. He confirmed that the smoke eaters they bought from a company in Racine Wisconsin clean the air so well, the air inside was truly clean even when people are smoking cigars. I decided to dig further into this product. Here is what I found out:

My search led me to call the company in Racine Wisconsin called LakeAir. The owner was kind enough to take time from his day to explain how smoke eater’s work. Apparently LakeAir has several models. I was amazed by the wealth of information on the subject found on their smoke eater webpage. It turns out the commercial smoke eaters bought by Cedar & Smoke Cigar cost around $2500.00.  One for our home will be less than $800.00. Hubby will be able smoke in his man cave next winter and spring.

I am very drawn to the cause for eco-friendly products and lifestyle. If a product like a smoke eater can make a cigar lounge healthy enough for even the disadvantaged, I am all for it. Beyond that, it turns out LakeAir is an eco-friendly business. Their products are made of mostly recycled materials. The units they manufacture are almost entirely recyclable. The very unit employed by the cigar lounge is 98.6% recyclable. Looking for an environmentally solution to smoke?   I suggest you check out this environmentally conscious company.

1500 CFM Smoke Eater LAFC-RC2-s
LAFC Non-Recyclable Parts

This LAFC Smoke Eater is 98.86% Recyclable


Kim Kaiser

Non recyclable parts from LAFC = 20 ounces