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How air purifiers can safeguard us from COVID-19

Studies have shown that preventing illnesses and reducing transmission of viruses indoors can be achieved with proper ventilation. Similarly, breathing fresh and clean air will ensure we remain healthy. Studies have also proved that using a face mask with a filter can significantly reduce coronavirus spread. Similarly, the use of portable air filters inside your home and office can reduce the spread of airborne viruses and germs in your living or workspaces.

So, how do air purifiers work, and how do they safeguard us from covid-19?

To begin with, air purifiers can be categorized into two types:

1. Filter

2. Sanitizer.

Air purifiers with filters aim to improve air quality by trapping floating dust and pollen into the filter medium. The most commonly used air purifiers are the HEPA filters. On the other side, sanitizers kill bacteria, viruses, fungal molds, and other airborne spores and harmful bacteria. The most widely available sanitizer type air filters use UV light to destroy the trapped bacteria. HEPA is an abbreviation for ‘high-efficiency particulate arresting.’ This means units containing the HEPA filters allow air to flow freely whereas restricts particulate as small as .01 microns or as specified by the manufacturer.

 As for UV light devices, they are designed to kill the bacteria in the airflow unit by exposing the air stream to UV light.

Are air purifiers effective against Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus lies at the lower end of the HEPA filter range. Therefore, it might not be effective in a single pass. Whereas if the system ran for extended periods, it could indeed reduce the virus presence to up to 99.94-99.97%. Similarly, continuous exposure to UV light can disable many other viruses as well as covid-19.

What should you look for when shopping for the best home humidifier and air purifier?

  • You should take into account the size of your home or office space.
  • Home air purifiers are only useful in small spaces.
  • If you need to cover two rooms in your home, you would need two separate air filters.
  • For your office space, you would need a commercial air purifier

What can you do to improve the indoor air quality of your home?

  • You can open your windows or turn on the ceiling fan to increase airflow if humidity and allergens are not a concern to you or your family members.
  • You can use floor standing fans to direct wind from one room to another for better air circulation.

If allergens and humidity are a cause for concern, you can do the following:

  • Turn on the HVAC and program it to run continuously.
  • You can upgrade your old air purifier to a new one by searching for the best home humidifier and air purifier to suit your needs on Lakeair.
  • You can replace the filter frequently, especially if you regularly turn the ceiling or table fans on.

Remember, unless no one from your family has an active infection, the above methods are not needed. And you will only be improving the air quality of your home. Air purifiers are not the only solution. Instead, they should be a part of your plan to protect yourself and your family indoors. Air purifiers only provide you with an additional layer of protection. For protection in open spaces and crowds, you need to follow social distancing norms and use a certified facemask.

Below are a few HEPA Air Purifiers from LakeAir for commercial and home usage

1. 1000 CFM Cube Commercial HEPA / Odor Control Air Purifier

This one is designed to be the ultimate air cleaning machine. This unit offers a 6 inch commercial True HEPA filter. It also has a three-chamber activated charcoal filter that removes odors and VOCs. This system is utilized in elite casinos to keep the air for the high rollers fresh and odor-free. When you need to freshest and purest air, this is the air purifier you want.

2. Maxum HEPA Air Purifier

The Maxum HEPA air purifier is a tabletop air purifier that can purify the air in an entire home. The Maxum HEPA removes 99.97% of all airborne impurities. This model includes the M-Super carbon filter. It will kill odors and VOCs from the atmosphere in your house. The Maxum is an all-steel air purifier made in the USA to clean the air in your house.

Look no further, as LakeAir is one of the most trusted companies for air purifiers. We stock a wide range of air purifying systems for home and commercial applications.

Visit our website to find an air purifier system that fits your needs today.

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