The Best Air Purifier to Use on HVAC System

Your HVAC system plays a very important role in keeping your home comfortable. It keeps you warm in the cold winter months, and cool once the temperatures begin to rise. Without a  working HVAC system, simply existing in your home can be an uncomfortable experience. As a result, be sure to call in the experts for an HVAC system repair every now and then, to make sure all is good.

Another big part of keeping an HVAC system in good shape is keeping it clean. Many homes have a HVAC filter that they change out every few months. While these are great for keeping dust and debris out of the system and ensuring it is working well, they aren’t very effective at blocking the particles that can irritate our lungs and reduce air quality throughout our home.

If you want to take things a step further, there are air purifiers that can be added directly to your HVAC system to keep your indoor air quality as good as possible. This article is going to take a closer look at some of the best and most popular types you can use in your home.

Extended Media Filter

Extended Media Filter

The first option to go with is an extended media filter. This looks almost like a stack of multiple furnace filters, and is about 8 inches thick. They have a lot of filtration media (plenty of layers) to capture dust and debris, and this makes them more effective than the thin filters, and requires them to be changed much less frequently. They remove much more dust and particles from the air, which is great for those with allergies or sensitivity to dust.

Because the large filter holder is added directly into the ductwork, you will generally need a professional to install this type of purifier for you. It can cost a few hundred dollars, and you need to replace the filters at least once a year, but will certainly improve the quality of your

indoor air.

Electronic Filter

Power Strip

If you want to take your air purification efforts to another level, consider an electronic filter. These high-tech units are also installed right into the ductwork, and will often cost a few hundred dollars up to a thousand or more.

The electric current within the filter puts a charge on the particles that pass into the filter, and a collector plate on the other side essentially grabs these particles like a magnet and prevents them from negatively impacting your air quality.

They work incredibly well when compared to traditional filters, and are especially good at small smoke particles, which can often pass-through lesser filters. These also never need to be replaced (only cleaned every once in a while) ,and only require an outlet to work

Ultraviolet Filter

Another option to consider is an ultraviolet filter. These can be built-in, or sold as an add-on to an existing electronic filter system, often for a few hundred dollars. They are especially great if people are worried about germs in and around their home.

As bacteria and viruses pass into the filter, they are zapped with the UV lights and are eliminated. These UV air filters are very effective, and have been used by hospitals in many cases to reduce the spread of certain contagious viruses or bacteria.

In conclusion, these are some of the best air purifiers to use on your HVAC system. They can ensure your HVAC system continues to work well, and the air in your home is kept pure.