Veterans, Highway Patrol and Clean Air

Partnering for Clean Air

LakeAir is an air purifier brand manufactured by RK Ventures Inc. in Racine WI.  They were recently contacted by Anchor Supply Inc to help fulfill a need presented to them by the California Highway Patrol. Lieutenant Antonio Dominguez contacted Rick Kilton Sales manager of Anchor Supply with a  request for an evidence room air purifier solution. The need was to purify the air in a room of at least 600 sq ft with media and carbon filtration. A quiet and dependable evidence room air purifier was needed to eliminate odors from marijuana and other fumes. Lieutenant Dominguez  added he would like to use a State Contract for this purchase.

The Participants

Anchor Supply

Anchor Supply is owned by Bill Campbell a US Navy Veteran and his wife Linda. Anchor Supply opened for business in 1985. Bill sustained injuries during his time serving in the US Navy that left him disabled.  They started selling fasteners and over the years they gradually expanded their product line to include everything from office supplies to manhole covers. Anchor Supply Inc is a California certified small business and disabled veteran business enterprise (#1737337). They are a small company, so you’re guaranteed to get a live person on the phone when you call. Anchor Supply is happy to provide quotes for a wide variety of items.

California Highway Patrol

The CHP  serves as one of the main law enforcement agencies and maintains several evidence rooms through out the State of California. This agency has a history of proactively protecting its member’s safety. They have lead the fight to include bullet resistant armor for its officers. In CHP fashion they are now trying to ensure thier employees are not exposed to dangers from fumes of marijuana or any other substances that might have to be stored in their evidence rooms. This undertaking is a broad scoped project encompassing more than 50 locations.


LakeAir air purifiers have been manufactured in Racine WI for more than 35 years. LakeAir’s mission is “LakeAir ~ Clean Air Everywhere”. I guess everywhere includes CHP evidence rooms. RK Ventures Inc., the manufacturer of LakeAir, has established several programs to promote clean air. One such program is “Free Air Purifiers for Schools” . RK Ventures Inc. President Randolph Bush worked personally with Mr. Kilton to determine the best fit for this CHP project.

The Process

The Search for an evidence room air purifier

Sales manager Rick Kilton started looking through his suppliers to find a distributor who was affiliated with the WSCA. WSCA is a multi-state contract that simplifies procurement for SLED customers by pre-approving vendors, resulting in cost savings on expensive and arduous bids. Anchor Supply has close ties with MSC Industrial Supply . MSC is WSCA contract approved. Searching through MSC products Mr Kilton decided to call the manufacturers of LakeAir brand air purifiers.

Special Needs

Several conversations between the various parties followed the initial recommendation of the manufacturer ( the LakeAir Maxum Media Air Purifier). Lieutenant  Dominguez was concerned  if such a compact unit could work in some of his larger material evidence rooms. Mr Bush, knowing the State of California restrictions wanted to be sure that the recommended air purifier be ozone free. Mr Kilton wanted to be sure the air purifier would suit the needs and still be a good economical fit for CHP. These conversations culminated in Anchor Supply arranging for a LakeAir Maxum Media Air Purifier to be supplied to Lieutenant  Dominguez and the CHP for a no obligation trial.

The Decision

The LakeAir Maxum Media Air Purifier was taken to an area office and was tested as an evidence room air purifier. After 12 days of use it was determined that the Maxum would indeed handle the problem air in the CHP evidence rooms. Through the cooperation of Anchor Supply, The California Highway Patrol and LakeAir a successful solution has been found to keep the fine officers and personnel of the CHP safe from toxic fumes that could sometimes be present in CHP evidence rooms.

Maxum Media an evidence room air purifier
Maxum Media Air purifier

Going the Extra Mile

Thanks need to go out to all the fine people and companies involved in this project. Props to the team at Anchor Supply Inc. for working with customer and manufacturer to broker a solution that promotes safety and is economically feasible. Well done California Highway Patrol for having the forethought to take the health of your employees first and foremost. Thanks to RK Ventures Inc. for finding the right product and making it available for a free no obligation trial so this test could be done at no cost to the tax payers of California.