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Ways To Prevent Pet Allergens From Causing Air Pollution

Those who have pets at home know how important a role they play in their lives. They keep everyone entertained through their mischievous activities, they are also known for their loving behavior, and they look so cute! While there are boons of having a pet at home, there are banes as well. One major bane is they bring down the air quality of the house through pet dander, dust, dirt, and other outside contaminants that are known for causing an allergic reaction, and in some cases, even sickness.

In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at how pets impact the air quality of a space and what you can do to keep the air quality clean. Let’s get started!

Pet Dander

A lot of people think that pet dander is the pet’s hair. This is not correct as pet dander refers to the dead skin that animals shed. This dead skin is shed by all common pet animals such as birds, dogs, rodents, cats, etc. Both feathers and fur animals shed flakes of skin. Many pet owners are quite allergic to pet dander; it’s important to note pet owners are allergic to pet dander, not the animal’s hair or fur.

Apart from pet dander, pets’ feces, saliva, and urine also cause an allergic reaction in pet owners as these things to contain proteins that are the real culprit. All the aforesaid things from pets are rather lightweight and known for staying in indoor air for a long time. They even settle on furniture, beds, chairs, and even fabrics.

How Air Quality Gets Affected

Dander and other things such as dust, dirt, mold, parasites, etc. can come off the hair of pets and travel through the air. The HVAC system of your house spread these allergens through the house, which ultimately make their way into your body through your breathing. This whole process together affects the air quality of an enclosed space. In addition to this, pet hair has also been found to affect your HVAC system’s air filters by clogging them. It is important to know that even short pet hair can enter the air filter and block them.

Things You Can Do To Tackle This

The first thing you should start doing if you haven’t been doing is bathing your pet regularly. Try to do that at least once a month and it would be even better if you brush them twice a month. Doing this will definitely reduce pet dander and fur shedding in your house. 

Apart from this, getting a pet air purifier will do a world of difference for the air quality of your house. You can purchase LakeAir’s Maxum HEPA or Maxum Electrostatic air purifier for effectively removing pet dander, hair, and those occasional nasty pet odors. Within a week, you will notice your house’s air quality feels different and surprisingly clean and fresh after installing our air purifiers.

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