What is Responsible for Unpleasant Home Odors?

A stinky house is a big no for everybody. We all want ours to smell fresh like a dream, but irrespective of how clean your living space looks, bad smells tend to lurk in places you least expect, filling your safe sanctuary with unbearable odor. It is always a good idea to look for the best air purifier for odors and get it installed at home to ensure your living space smells nothing but nice! If a less-than-pleasant smell is coming from somewhere, but you can’t locate the source, these can be the few likely causes:

  1. Garbage disposal 

Your garbage disposal is a common culprit filling the house with ghastly odors. So, while you may think cleaning the garbage disposal every day is not required, it absolutely is. Ensure its insides are wiped clean. Look out for grime. It sometimes gets trapped beneath the drain. 

  1. Dishwasher 

Your dishwasher has the potential of becoming a breeding ground for mold, and that will not smell pleasant. The damp environment or the moisture is perfect for mold spores and mildew, more so if food particles are left behind. Always run an empty dry-heat cycle for flushing out the dishwasher’s interiors, including the door gasket, panels, filter, and silverware basket. 

  1. Damp clothes 

Refrain from putting the basket of dirty clothes in the washroom. It gets damp due to the steam from the showers and baths, causing unwelcome odors. A humid environment is a favorable place for bacteria to grow, and that has a stinking smell. So, keep the basket in the bedroom instead! And if you have dirty wet clothes, do laundry!  

  1. Bedding 

Your body oil, sweat, and dirt are absorbed by your bedsheets. It is of utmost importance to change your sheets and bedding once every week. Sleeping on sheets that are immersed in your sweat and dirt is not healthy. The best air purifier for odors keeps you healthy and ensures your bedroom smells fresh, but if you sleep on sheets immersed in sweat and dirt, the purpose is somewhat defeated.  

  1. New furniture 

Even if you like the smell of new furniture, you should know that VOCs or volatile organic compounds are responsible for the scent. VOCs can be health hazards. They may cause throat, eye, or nose irritation, headaches, and more. An air purifier with a carbon filter will help you get rid of VOCs. 

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