DIY Respiratory Masks Information

Simple Respiratory Mask Information

It is wonderful to see so many people visiting our website to try to find out information on  the possibilties of making resiratory masks to help in the fight of COVID-19. We are presenting this page to try to help everyone find information.


We live in a crazy world. As much as I wish it wasn’t true, we have to protect ourselves from litigation as well as the recent pandemic. RK Ventures Inc., it’s employees and  it’s officers are not experts in the manufactures of respirators. This information is presented as an educational aid. We make NO claim to have expertise in this field and offer the information presented here as an aid in gathering information to help the public cope with the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Who is involved?

We have had 1000’s of people visit our MERV page in the past 2 weeks. These visitors are try to figure out how to protect their friends, families and their communities. Our Website chat  has been packed with visitors wanting information on filter media.


They are everyone from large corporations, to Joe and Jane public. All of them are looking for info to help them contribute in this fight to keep the world safe from COVID-19.

The Image to the right is a quilter from Racine WI. She contacted us looking for help in making respiratory masks. 

DIY Respiratory Mask

The Bad News is we don't have or sell Filter Material

LakeAir produces high-quality air purifiers. Many of which can help remove the tiny COVID-19 particles fro the air stream. We do not manufacture the Media filters we use. They are produced by Glasfloss. Glasfloss is a Wisconsin based filter manufacturer. Several people have asked about purchasing filters to repurpose into DIY Masks. I contacted Glassfloss about this and they said they did not recommend any of their products be used in a DIY effort to make masks. These products have not been tested for this purpose. We won’t knowingly sell filters to anyone who is going use them for mask efforts.

Our visitors have told us many of their ideas. Some are using filters from big box stores. Some are using HEPA vacuum cleaner bags. Others are using drier sheets. I don’ know what the best answer is, but I welcome any suggestions that I can add. Send your suggestion to [email protected] and I will update this page or make another page to help share the good ideas. One of the ideas that have been floated to me is the use of HEPA Vacuum cleaner bags. An astute visitor to our site let me know this might not be a very good idea. She shared a link with me to a study that basically questions the use of Vacuum Bags as a suitable material. Read this informative ARTICLE to help you draw your own conclusions.

DIY Update

Being that filter media isn’t a good idea I have gone out in search of at least one reasonable option. Our Wisconsin quilter found this suggestion in her search to make a personal difference to this pandemic.


3X BETTER than Cotton

Here are a couple of links to give you DIYers another avenue to help out in the fight against COVID 19.


This link claims blue shop towels are much better than cotton. Better than Cotton

This link from the New York times gives instructions on how to make a mask. NYT how to make a DIY Mask


We hope this helps empower all of our readers to do more to improve their lives and the lives of those they love.

Blue Shop Towels for DIY masks

More Help for the DIY Minded

I was contacted by a Textile Producer. They are switching their production to 100% production of alternative respiratory masks. While these masks do not meet the specification for N95, they could be used and are designed with the CDC guidelines on last resort masks. I would like to thank them for allowing me to share this information with you.

Simple Respiratory Mask

The goal of this design is to create the most effective “make-shift” respirator mask as outlined by the CDC in extreme case “When No Respirators are Left.” By using available materials and non-woven meltblown filter fabrics from other industries we believe we can create an 70-90% effective mask against COVID-19

Exploded View of the DIY Mask Process

Outer Layer Waterproof Antimicrobial

Middle Layer Particle filter

Internal Layer Anti Microbial cotton

Design Focus :

• Ergonomic fit is a top priority to achieve the highest “fit-factor” possible
• Considering “Medical Grade Particle Filter” is not available the 3 layered fabric must work together for top efficiency


Antimicrobial Cotton

These Graphs show how well some materials work in trapping microbials

Graph showing How well repurposed materials work
Graph Sowing T shirt material vs COVD 19

Simple Mask Patern

Mask pattern Front View
DIY Mask Pattern Proposed

Updates to Come

There is so much information on this topic that we cannot hope to provide more than a tiny fraction of it here. Most of our time is being spent filling orders for hospitals and businesses trying to protect their staff and clients. We are working hard to provide new air purifier models to help in this global effort to overcome this pandemic. I ask you to email me suggestions so we can update this page with useful information.

Remember !

Masks and Air Purifiers are simply tools to keep us all safe. The main thing you need to do is:

  • Wash Your Hands
  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Obey Stay at Home Orders

Thank you for your interest in this very important matter. The Owners and employees of LakeAir wish you and yours good health. We look forward to better times to come. Our motto is now and always will be “Clean Air Everywhere”

The Staff Of LakeAir