Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand with LakeAir

In 2020 LakeAir added Laser Part processing to it manufacturing process. This addition has allowed us to offer better products with less lead time. It has also added a certain level of customization availability. So much so that we now design customization into our new products and current products are being redesigned to add this option as well.



Custom Laser Art

Challenge Us with your Logo

Not Every Logo is Laser friendly. In fact almost all logos and branding need some sort of alteration to be incorporated into air purifier production.. Send us your logo and we will evaluate it free of charge. Depending on the complexity of your logo their will be an engineering charge of $125.00 to $375.00 to incorporate your logo into unit production.

We will send you an artwork proof to approve before we put the art work into your units. If you need we can even send you a sample like the one above. We want you to be proud of the equipment in your business and we will do all we can to help you achieve your goal in brand building.


Email your artwork to us

Please email your logo or brand artwork to [email protected]