Refurbished Air Purifiers

Refurbished Air Purifier

Refurbished Maxum Air Purifier

We believe everyone should have clean air. That’s why LakeAir provides a more affordable alternative to new products. Refurbished Air purifiers are lower in price than their new counterparts. A rehabilitated commercial air purifier can cost under $1000.00.  Residential models are as affordable as $229.00. A renewed product can keep the air in your home or business clean and healthy. So, if you are on a budget consider an affordable refurbished LakeAir Brand Air Purifier. 

Returned Products

Although we don’t have many returns, it does happen. Sometimes a unit is to big, not the right color, too powerful or just not what the customer had in mind. We believe in our products so LakeAir has a Love it or return it in 30 days. We see returns in about 1 in 200 units sold. When these gems come in we offer them up as refurbished, Some have never been out of the box! When a return comes in, they don’t last long.

Reconditioning Process

We refurbish returned and trade in models. They are inspected to be sure they are suitable for this use. We check the body for cracks and failing paint. We test the motors for speed and quick starts. The voltage and amperage of the power supplies is measured. Workers inspects cells for broken wires and bent plates. After all of these steps are completed, we decided whether a unit is a good candidate to become a 2nd life air purifier.

We clean the bodies thoroughly. Any failing paint is touched up. We replace fan motors in most cases. Technicians install new parts needed in power supplies. We clean the filter cells. Units are reassembled carefully. Finally, each product is carefully repacked in new packaging which is made of mostly recycled products.

Instead of adding to the landfill, we strive to recycle as much as we can. Every refurbished unit is a victory for the environment. We repair old units. LakeAir reuses packing material when possible. Material recycling is important. We strive to reduce the ecological footprint of our business. All of our excess wire is recycled. Our scrap steel and aluminum is sold to reduce operating costs. As a result, we embrace our motto, “clean air everywhere”.

Responsible manufacturing

Strong Warranty

The LakeAir Refurbished Product warranty is as good as most new units. LakeAir products are built to last many years. Customers from all over the world tell us about their LakeAir products lasting over 20 years. You should expect many years of service from your LakeAir refurbished air purifier. We warrant your product for 1 year. It will be free from defects in material and workmanship. You can return your product up to 30 days after purchased.

These Products are Currently Available

  • MAX-700 Air Purifier Retuned
  • Black Ships in 1 day
  • MSRP $925.00
  • 1 unit available!
  • LAFC-RC2-HUV Air Purifier Returned
  • White ships in 1 day
  •   MSRP $2635.00
  • 1 unit available !
  • LAFC HEPA Air Purifier Refurb
  • White  Ships 1 day
  •   MSRP $1595.00
  • 1 unit available !

Get in Line for Great Savings on LakeAir

Refurbished and returned air purifiers don’t last long. We have a list of people who are interested in getting the next LakeAir model that fits their needs. If you would like to be added to this list (It’s not real long) please fill out this form. In the message area please give us some specifics so we can inform you when the LakeAir model you are looking for becomes available.