Before Purchasing An Air Purifier, Consider These Points Properly


Although most people in the United States are now aware that our indoor air quality is quite polluted than the air outside, there are still homeowners who do not know the risks of poor indoor air quality. Getting a top-quality portable air purifier can significantly reduce those risks and help create a clean, healthy environment in your home. But before you get it, it is essential to consider some key factors first. What are those factors? Let’s find out.

Know Your Reason – Although most air purifiers in the market can help you deal with particles such as dust and pollen, you should know that there are air purifier models in the market that are designed for certain specific needs. For instance, are allergies your reason for getting an air purifier? Do you need it for pet odor, smoke, or asthma? Considering these is important because a particular type of air purifier would be needed for each of these problems. For instance, for asthma you should go for air purifiers with HEPA filters. For smoke, you should buy smoker air purifiers.

Air Purifier Size – The next thing you need to focus on is the air purifier’s size. For this, measure the square footage of the space where the air purifier will be installed. Small ones are suitable for rooms up to 200 square feet. Medium ones are fine for 300 to 699 square feet, and large air purifiers are good for 700 and 1,900 square feet spaces. Apart from size, check an air purifier’s ACH, which stands for air change per hour. This rate is the number of times air is being purified in room per hour by an air purifier. Go for an air purifier that can filter the air four times per hour.

Air Purifier Features – Once you’ve selected the type and size, check whether the air purifier has some special features. If you want to use an air purifier that will use less electricity and help you save money, then go for an air purifier with energy star rating. You can also look for features such as several fan speeds, caster wheels, filter change indicators, etc.

Place of Installation – Our advise would be to place your air purifier in your bedroom as most people spend majority of their time in this room. When getting a portable air purifier, keep in mind that such air purifiers are designed to purify air in only one room. So, if you want to filter air in other rooms as well, you will have to buy more units. For filtering air in the entire house, you can go for whole house air purifiers, for instance, in-duct units which are perfect for residential forced air systems.

Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and you will be able to purchase the ideal air purifier for your specific needs. LakeAir makes some of the most durable, long-lasting, and efficient air purifiers in the market. From commercial purifiers, residential purifiers, smoke eaters, to parts, filters, accessories, etc., everything can be bought from LakeAir.