Benefits of an Air Purifier

Top 3 Benefits of an Air Purifier

We were asked by Home Air Guides to list what we believed the top 3 benefits of an air purifier were. The following is our answer to that interesting question:

RK Ventures Inc. is a small 4 person endeavor manufacturing LakeAir brand air purifiers. I think our small size gives us an interesting and personal view of the best benefits of an air purifier. We don’t have a team of engineers and medical biologists that produce data by the gigabyte to study and analyze. Instead, we rely on feedback from our customers. Thinking about the common concerns of customers, here are three things that standout as important to them and us.


Improved Quality of Life


What we find out from listening to our customers is that better air quality makes a difference in their life. Just last week we heard from Bonnie in Idaho. She told us within 30 minutes of turning on her Maxum Electrostatic air purifier for the first time, she noticed a new freshness in the air in her home. Bonnie has pets and her husband is a smoker. The air purifier started working on these air quality issues immediately. Statistics tell us the air in our homes is up to 5 times more polluted than outside air. Further data shows us we spend about 90% of our time indoors. A good room air purifier like the Maxum can greatly increase how much we enjoy our lives where we spend most of our time. The first of the benefits of an air purifier is an improved quality of life.

benefits of an air purifier is better quality of life

Better Health


As we thought hard about our 2nd choice for benefits of an air purifier we were lead to this; I would like to refer to one of our programs, where we provide air purifiers for school classrooms. We allow schools to try an air purifier for free for 90 days. What we have learned from the teachers and children in these classrooms is that having a room air purifier (in this case again a Maxum) makes the room healthier. School absenteeism was greatly reduced. The use of inhalers and other respiratory aids dropped significantly. The classrooms were a more energetic place. The extra energy and lack of annoying coughing and sneezing made for a better learning environment.   So my second best reason to have an air purifier is the promotion of better health.

Better Health is one of the benefits of an air purifier


The EPA lists the following as the effects of indoor air pollution on Human Health.


  • Irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.
  • Headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.
  • Respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer.


The very old and very young are especially susceptible to these respiratory threats. An air purifier can do a great deal to protect you from these dangers.

Safety on the Job

My choice third choice for great benefits of an air purifier is Safety; especially safety on the job. When we speak to plant managers and safety personnel, they express a need to provide a safer work environment. A local machine shop is purchasing 6 LA-2000 air purifiers to help remove oil and smoke from the air, byproducts of the machining process. The State of California just completed a purchase of more than 50 Maxum Media air purifiers to help protect the officers and workers in the evidence rooms of the California Highway Patrol. Many dangerous substances are stored in these rooms awaiting trial. The air purifier will mitigate the dangers associated with these substances. The work place has inherent dangers related to each individual occupation. A good quality air purifier can help increase the comfort and safety of the workers, whether they are police officers or hard working machinist. The employees who keep this country great deserve hard working air purifiers to help keep them safe.

Saftey on the Job is benefit of an Air Purifier



It is difficult to quantify the top three benefits of an air purifier. Air quality is important to us all in many different ways. However based on conversations with our customers and friends we would like to submit that three of the top benefits of an air purifier are:


  • Improved Quality of life
  • Better Health
  • Safety on the job


At LakeAir we are dedicated to promoting better living through clean air at home, in the schools and in the work place. Our motto is and always will be

“LakeAir, clean air everywhere”.