The Benefits of Using an Air Purifier for Smoke Removal

Today, smoke in homes is one of the most significant health issues you can have indoors. Although this dilemma is becoming less common, this issue persists. It’s not just connected to cigarettes, as wildfire smoke is also becoming a massive concern over the years. We at LakeAir, believe in fighting this issue by educating you on the benefits of using our best air purifiers for smoke removal. But first, you need to comprehend what is causing this issue and what one can do to solve the problem. In this blog, we have outlined vital steps which you could take to resolve this dilemma alongside knowing some good-to-know benefits of air purifiers for smoke removal

Dangers of Cigarette Smoke

Did you know that thirdhand smoke is a reason for many health concerns? The leftover chemicals lingering on surfaces, even if smoke is not floating in the air, can create severe issues to your lungs, heart, and overall well-being. A study found that being exposed to thirdhand smoke can harm and even break human DNA- researchers did this test in labs. If you have children at home, you need to take care as children are more at risk from the dangerous effects of smoke/residues from smoke, increasing health risks. We understand smoke removal can be challenging; thirdhand smoke builds up over time, which cannot be easily noticed by people who live indoors. Hence, to remove smoke, you need a comprehensive plan that must include LakeAir’s air purifier smoke eater.

Dangers of Wildfire Smoke

If you live near wildfire-prone areas, you need to be cautious as wildfire smoke can affect your lung and heart health, especially for people with unending breathing problems. The microscopic particles present in the wildfire enter deep into your lungs, creating several issues; the most common of them is a runny nose and aggravated eyes. If there is a wildfire, ensure your children don’t play outdoors as it can increase their exposure to wildfire smoke.

Benefits of Air purifiers to remove smoke

  • Alleviates asthma symptoms
  • Removes harmful chemicals from indoor environments
  • Reduces the chances of airborne diseases
  • Improves sleep
  • Removes harmful radon
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors
  • Eliminates hazardous asbestos particles
  • May increase life expectancy.

An air purifier is a good alternative for smoke removal and particularly practical for smokers. But to be measured for one of the best air purifiers for smoke, it has to have a strong air filter to remove cigarette smoke and cigar smell. Although countless air purifiers are good at eliminating airborne allergens, mold spores, dust, germs, and other indoor pollutants, they’re not successful in removing the heavy smoke smell. At LakeAir, our goal is to educate you about the severe effects smoke can cause indoors. With our best air purifiers, you can quickly get rid of cigarette smoke and cigar odor and clean the air in your home so it doesn’t stink like an ashtray or hold second-hand smoke.

A survey done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States found that inside air maybe five times more contaminated than the air outside. Since the air indoors doesn’t circulate as much as outdoor air, many airborne impurities continue to thrive. On the other hand, air purifiers can refresh old air, reducing the chances of health issues caused by indoor pollutants, which can trigger respiratory viruses, neurological problems, or worsen asthma sufferers’ symptoms.

Premium air purifiers abolish several types of indoor air pollutants, keeping your loved ones healthy. The lack of ventilation in homes today has encouraged the demand for air purifiers. They cut indoor air pollution levels, but their filters have an entrance. Some filters are efficient for two to three months, while others are durable enough to work for a long span. We advise you to check the air filter indicator regularly, so you change filters promptly and continue to experience a clean and fresh indoor atmosphere.

LakeAir manufactures high-quality commercial air purifier smoke eaters and smoke odor removers. They are used in various locations such as Cigar Lounges, Casinos, Manufacturing, Homes, and just about anywhere smoke is an issue. They are simple to use and are pretty durable. We use an all-steel structure with high-grade parts; even the motor and blowers used are among the industry’s best. Want to guard your home against air pollution, odors, mold spores, and other issues? Look no further! Get a top-quality machine from LakeAir for all your air purification needs.

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