Dangers of Dust Left Behind After a Wildfire.

Wildfire smoke and dust

Dangers of Dust Left Behind After a Wildfire.

A wildfire is devastating, it is a calamity for the environment and people who live in its boundaries. Not only do they destroy whatever comes in their way, wildfire also increases the amount of air pollution in the surrounding areas. The dust left after the wildfire poses a severe threat to the quality of air and public health in that region. According to the US Wildlife Protection Agency, wildfire dust can cause everything from eye and respiratory tract irritation to more significant health problems like impaired lung function, bronchitis, asthma aggravation, heart failure, and even death.

Impact of the Dust left behind After Wildfire.

The following is a list of the negative consequences faced by the community because of the dust left behind after Wildfire

  • Those exposed to the dust and smoke from wildfires are likely visit hospitals and clinics more frequently and run an increased risk to their health;  
  • The dust can stay in the area for lengthy periods and travel great distances, making this a long-term problem;
  • It can have a detrimental influence on the economy; tourism and commerce in general can suffer from the dust and the cost to remove it;  
  • It can make homes uninhabitable; the flora and fauna of the regions suffer from wildfire dust as well.

The Solution to Fight the Threats Imposed by the Dust Left behind After Wildfire.

Many companies are offering high-cost remedies to remove this dust. They bring in large air scrubbers to remove the dust that becomes air borne in the cleaning process. You can accomplish the same thing using one of our commercial grade residential air purifiers. Why pay thousands of dollars for a one time fix when you can buy your own commercial dust removal system for a fraction of the cost. The Maxum HEPA and MAX-700 air purifiers do the same job as commercial air scrubbers. They have a smaller volume but work just as well.

Lake Air Purifiers and Smoke eaters remove smoke caused by Cigars, Cigarettes, Cooking, and Wildfires. In addition, the products also remove dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, dust mites and other pollutants available on the air. Our products are made in the USA. The MAX-700 and Maxum HEPA are our choices for wildfire smoke air purifiers.