5 Best Air Purifiers for Weed Smoke

Are you a heavy smoker and have business partners/friends always stranded in your home who also smoke as you? Are you worried about the smoke entering every corner of your household, which will eventually make it hard for your family to breathe? At LakeAir, we understand your concerns and don’t want you to stress about this situation alongside being remarkably civil to your friends/guests who enter your home. So, we believe the ideal way to get rid of this problem is to purchase a Weed Smoke Eater

We are also thoughtful and know that people who smoke are more likely to develop breathing problems and illnesses. But the worst thing about smoking in the house is that even people around will suffer seriously. The smoke will somehow make its way into practically every area of your household. Hence to eradicate this significant issue and at no cost risking your family member’s life, you should get one of the best air purifiers for weed smoke removal as soon as possible.

There are several product combinations that work well for this purpose. Each product listed produces a different volume of air purification.

Outlined are five of the best air purifiers for weed smoke removal.

  1. MAX-700-420 with Canna-blend Carbon Filtration

The LakeAir brand Canna-blend filter converts any air purifying products into the best air purifier for weed smoke.

  • Purification Volume- 650 CFM
  • Weight of Canna Blend- 300gms
  • Air changes per hour- 12 ACH @ 400 sq feet
  • Activity- 5 smokers
  1. Maxum-HEPA-420 with Canna-blend Carbon Filtration

Canna-Blend filters remove cannabis odors from your home or office. This filter fits Maxum and MAX-700 models. Replace every 3-6 months as needed.

  • Purification Volume- 500 CFM
  • Weight of Canna Blend- 300gms
  • Air changes per hour- 9 ACH @ 400 sq feet
  • Activity- 3  smokers
  1. Maxum-420 with Canna-blend 

The LakeAir MAX-700 with Canna-blend filter also fits your needs and is also ranked to be one of the best air purifiers for weed smoke.

  • Purification Volume- 275 CFM
  • Weight of Canna Blend- 300gms
  • Air changes per hour- 5 ACH @ 400 sq feet
  • Activity- 1-2 smokers
  1. LAFC-RC2-S  Smoke Eater with Canna-Blend

Cannabis Odor Filtration for all LAFC models provides over 1 pound of cannabis filtration media.

  • Purification Volume- 1500 CFM
  • Weight of Canna Blend- 500gms
  • Air changes per hour- 20 ACH @ 600 sq feet
  • Activity- 6 to 8 smokers
  1. LA2-RC1-EOC electrostatic/Canna-blend

The MAX-700 eliminates more smoke and odors than any air purifier in its class. It is one of the most effective and powerful tabletop Smoke Eater at 750 CFM.

  • Purification Volume- 600 CFM
  • Weight of Canna Blend- 2750 gms
  • Air changes per hour- 11 ACH @ 400 sq feet
  • Activity- For heavy smoking

The Canna-blend is a blend of medium to get rid of smoke, not just the odorous compounds from the air but also the destructive pollutants that can injure the cannabis product. Contaminants and gases frequently found in grow houses comprise halogen compounds, aldehydes, ketones, various hydrocarbons, and many aromatic and stinking compounds. Canna-blend will shield your plants and decrease the smell that plagues many growing operations.

Air purifiers are perfect for removing weed smoke from your house. We believe this sort of pollution can cause many health problems for you and your loved ones, and eliminating it should be the primary concern, chiefly if you are a heavy smoker. Nonetheless, you can now effectively eliminate harmful smoke by purchasing our above-listed best air purifiers for smoke removal. At LakeAir, we have focused our energy on providing better air filtration products for your requirements, especially at these challenging times of the Corona Virus Pandemic. You can completely trust us to provide you with reasonable MERV 14 and higher solutions to keep the air you breathe safely. Our entire smoke eater line has products for any smoky environment.

All other Super and Ultrafilters can be ordered with Canna-blend by phone at no extra charge. This means that all LakeAir brand air purifiers can be fitted to be the best air purifier. Another critical point is the Canna-blend product is excellent at removing the smell of the smoke, but it also cleans the air to promote better growth. Canna-blend is widely used in commercial grow farms to enhance plant health and remove the odors associated with developing hemp products.

To learn more about the different air purifiers, get in touch with our LakeAir experts today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Air purifiers work by trapping particles in the air and removing them from the air you breathe. The most common type of air purifier is the HEPA air purifier. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. These purifiers use a filter to trap particles in the air. The filter is made of a very fine mesh that traps particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Assuming you have a high-quality air purifier, it should only take a few minutes for the device to remove weed smoke from your home. However, the time it takes for the purifier to completely eliminate all traces of smoke will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your home, the number of air purifiers you have, and the strength of the weed smoke.

LakeAir offers effective and quality air purifiers for your home. For more information on the right device for you, please contact us, today! Call our customer service experts at 800-558-9436.