Key Things Homeowners Should Know About Dust Buildup In Homes

There is not a single home where dust buildup does not occur. The presence of small particles of skin flakes and natural debris can make a space dusty. It is essential for homeowners to make sure that the level of dust in their house does not go up as it has the potential to cause serious health problems to the inhabitants. Some people might not be sensitive to dust but many people are and can experience health issues because of it. In this blog, we will tell you all you need to know about dust buildup in your house and what you can do to control it. Let’s get started.

Health Issues That Dust Can Cause

As we mentioned above, many people are sensitive to dust. Their respiratory passages can experience problems if they are present in a dusty environment or space. They might experience chest discomfort or sneezing. Many start experiencing allergic reactions to allergens such as mold spores, pollen, dust mite waste products, and dander. These allergens can cause a response known as histamine, which can be moderate or quite severe. If this reaction is severe you may want to speak to your physician about the advantages of a home air purifier.

If people are repeatedly exposed to dust particles, they can start developing problems such as wheezing, dermatitis, asthma attacks, bronchial infections, and other similar problems.

Makes Ductwork Dirty

If there’s too much dust present in your house, it won’t take much time for your home’s ductwork to become dirty. This built up dust can break away from the ducting creating large puffs of dust which needless to say, makes the indoor air quality of your house poor. And one of the biggest problems of dust buildup in HVAC parts is, it can cause maintenance problems and reduce the life of the units.

Things You Can Do To Control Dust

While it is not possible to make your house completely dust free, you can still do some things that will bring down the level of dust in your house to a level that is safe for the inhabitants. Below are some things that you should do to reduce dust buildup in your house.

  • If you have carpets, we will advise you to remove them if possible. It is not easy to keep carpets free of dust. If possible, have tile, wood, or laminate floor surface as they are easier to clean

  • Do dusting in the correct way. Get good-quality microfiber dusting cloths or moist your present dusting cloth before dusting. Doing these is essential to collect dust

  • Make sure you buy top-quality filters for your HVAC systems. You might be paying more for these filters but they collect a lot more dust than cheaper filters. And do not forget to change them at fixed intervals

While doing the above-mentioned things are important to control dust, keep in mind that in order to make your house nearly free of dust so that dust-sensitive people do not experience problems, you will have to get a dust removal air purifier. These air purifiers are designed to eliminate dust from your house. If interested, you can contact LakeAir to get one of the best dust removal air purifier on the market. Our Maxum HEPA Air Purifier is homeowners’ preferred choice to remove dust from their homes. It is a highly efficient air purifier that has the capability of removing 99.97% of all dust in one pass.