Places Where You Can and Should Place Your Air Purifier Unit

Air purifiers play a key role in keeping people healthy who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as allergies and asthma. In addition to this, it keeps the indoor air of your house clean and fresh, which is not only beneficial for kids and the elderly but pets as well.

While some air purifiers are built into a house’s existing heating and air conditioning system, there are free-standing air purifiers which call for careful placement to derive the maximum benefit. While placing an air purifier in a baby’s room would be the best choice as kids are more prone to allergies and discomfort from indoor pollutants, there are several other areas in your house where you can place an air purifier unit to get fresh, mountain-like air.

For The Entire House

Some of the top lake air purifiers are big enough to purify the air in the whole house. What you can do is place the air purifier close to the intake for the air conditioning unit, to maintain a steady flow of air; this way the filtered air will get spread through the entire house. Make sure you keep the AC unit and filters clean to continue enjoying purified air.

In the Corner of a Room

If you place an air purifier in the corner of a room, it will be better able to catch airborne particles. Another benefit of placing it there is that it will bring down the incidences of tripping. While your air purifier might clean the air faster if placed in the middle of the room, it would cause a lot of inconvenience to people and may increase the likelihood of accidents.

Behind The Smokers

The majority of the air purifiers work as smoke eaters. An air purifier that takes in dust, dander, and smoke particles into itself instead of allowing them to exist in the nearby atmosphere, employ either activated carbon or charcoal technology. Positioning such an air purifier behind the smokers seated on a sofa will get rid of the smoke from the air as well as bring down odors linked with smoking. For more effect, place one close to the ashtrays that are used the most.

Close To the Door

You can keep bacteria and other microorganisms from making their way into a room by simply placing a UV air purifier close to the door. The air purifier will work as a shield, keeping people with asthma and allergies free of these contaminants.

Place One in the Kitchen

You should use both a HEPA filter as well as a UV lamp in your kitchen. You’ll benefit the most if you place the air purifier close the stove or the trash can. Both kitchen and bathroom are the two major spaces in your house that give out the most odor and harbor different types of bacteria. Since the bacteria are more likely to grow in these spaces, using a combination of HEPA filter and UV air purifier is of utmost importance to get rid of dangerous microorganisms. Always prefer air purifier manufacturers that offer these types of technologies.