Safe Air for Police Departments.

Dangers from Criminal Evidence

Nearly every police department has an evidence room. Some have an evidence locker or even a large evidence storage facility. Dangerous items like narcotics are stored in these rooms.  There are many studies about the dangers of third hand exposure to drugs like meth amphetamines. These studies show that 2nd and third hand contact of narcotics can cause the same reactions as the users experience but on a smaller scale.  Adverse symptoms from working in close proximity to narcotics have been reported. Third hand narcotic exposure can be encountered in quantities that cause workers to test positive for drug use.

Inhalation (breathing) of gases, vapors, dusts or mists is a common route of exposure. Chemicals can enter and irritate the nose, air passages and lungs.  dust from narcotics can become airborne. Once in the air, they can be deposited in the airways. These chemicals can then be absorbed by the lungs and into the bloodstream. The blood can then carry these substances to the rest of the body. This is why air purification is a very important part of evidence room safety.


Opioids are one of the biggest problems for Law Enforcement agencies. The number of reported law enforcement encounters with illegal opioids is up over 600% in recent years.  The prevention of occupational exposure of Fentanyl and other opioid has become a regular part of police training. The particle size of synthetic opioid powders typically ranges from 0.2 to 2 µm, and the powders easily become air borne and inhaled.

Comparative size of Fentanyl dust

A sample equal to 7 grains of salt can kill you. While great care is taken by Law enforcement agencies to store these drugs safely another layer of protection  is only reasonable. The introduction of air purification equipment into evidence room is great step in that direction. Our New Maxum HEPA has the ability to remove these dangers from the air. The extra large size fan allows the air to be cleaned many times an hour, providing even more clean air for police departments


Safe Air for Police Departments

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California Highway Patrol

The California Highway  Patrol has Over 70 stations. Each station has an evidence room. Each of these evidence rooms are protected by a LakeAir Brand Air Purifier. The Maxum Air Purifier removes the harmful particles and VOCs from the air. We are currently working with the CHP to upgrade the air purifiers to allow for more clean air cycles per hour. We are also working to remove more foreign particles from the air. Not all of these particles are as dangerous as the others but none the less they all have to go. Clean air for Police Departments in the evidence room is an important part of protecting the fine men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting us.

The Greenwood Police Department in South Carolina has chosen to protect its officers and staff from the dangers associated with the exposure to harmful items stored in it’s evidence room. The police department contacted Durell Mathis of Mathis Plumbing and Heating to aid them in this project. Mr Mathis contacted RK Ventures Inc. the manufacturers of LakeAir Brand air purifiers for advice on safe air for police departments.  LakeAir Has been manufacturing air purifiers for more than 40 years. In this time, they have come across concerns much like that of the Greenwood Police Department. Just recently, the California Highway Patrol approved the LakeAir Maxum for the air purification in all of its 76 Evidence rooms. Following the the lead of the CHP, the Greenwood Police Department selected a LakeAir Maxum for its evidence room safety procedures.  Captain Crisp of the department he reiterated the importance officer safety in all areas of police work. We would like to tip our hats to all the Members of the Greenwood Police Department . They have helped in promoting clean air safety for the brave men and women who serve and protect the City of Greenwood!

Greenwood is located in the north west part of South Carolina about 192 miles away from Charleston. Greenwood has a population of 24,000 people.

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