What’s in Store for You When Choosing Smoke Eaters

So Many Types of Smoke Eaters

You become what you inhale. Whether it’s an office or your own home, pollutants are everywhere. The smoke that comes from burning cigars, vape, fire, and so on, can be harmful to the health of workers working in official premises or residents living in the residential area. This is why, no matter where you are, facilities such as home smoke eater, commercial smoke eaters, and more are essential to ensure safe health for all. You might set up a cigar lounge or a vape shop or even practice the same at home. While you’re enjoying it, it is possibly affecting those around you.

Here’s why we have enlisted 5 options for you to choose from to ensure good health and a safe environment for you and the people around you.

Home Smoke Eater

MAX-700 750 CFM Air Purifier
MAX-700 Smoke Eater

If you smoke frequently or regularly, chances are might need an area to smoke at your home. While you’re at it, you cannot just rely simply upon the windows, doors, or even vents for that matter. Home smoke eaters are best suited to be placed at homes. Unlike, other smoke eaters, ones that categorize under home are compact in size. Most appropriately, they do not take much space at home and help in protecting you, your family, and your assets from the hazardous effects of smoke. Now, you can go ahead with establishing the cigar room that you have been dreaming of. Just include a home smoke eater in your room and be assured that you’re fully covered.

Commercial Smoke Eaters

There are several factors to consider when choosing a commercial smoke eater. For business owners who have cigar lounges, hookah bars, vape shops, and other areas that include smoke, this smoke eater would best suit your business requirements. Although, installing a commercial smoke eater means handling a good amount of space for it due to its large size. Other factors to consider here are- mounting and aesthetics, which of course, affect your business’s overall appeal. To help you estimate the cost of your business project try our Project Cost Estimator.

If appearance and aesthetics are your priority, you can always opt for smoke eaters that can be installed at a place that isn’t easily visible. You can have them mounted above the ceiling, in a basement, or even behind a wall. With this, you can remain stress-free about the appeal of your lounge area.

– Electronic Smoke Eaters

The electronic smoke eater can be explained in scientific terms. To break it down; it traps pollutants and harmful particles from smoke through the carbon. Collection cells attract electrified particles and remove the disturbing smoky odors. Further, it releases fresh and breathable air that is absolutely free from any contaminants.

Every device is distinctive in its own way. According to your needs and preferences, choose an appropriate smoke eater, and provide an ideal environment for you and those around you. Take the first step today by purchasing a new home smoke eater. Look no further than LakeAir and get the best air purifier that best suits your requirements.