LAFC Replacement Parts

The LakeAir LAFC commonly mounts in the ceiling. This can make repairs a bit more difficult to diagnose and perform. Many of the parts can be accessed from the drop down intake panel. If you need help trouble shooting the operation of your LakeAir LAFC, or have questions as to the suitability of parts found here, feel free to call our customer service number at 1-800-558-9436

Part Excellence

LAFC Replacement Parts are inspected by our factory service team for quality assurance. Some parts can be dropped shipped directly to your work site. Your LakeAir products are built to last and provide years of service. All LAFC Replacement Parts are built to those same high quality standards.

120 or 230

When ordering LAFC Replacement Parts parts be sure that you are ordering the right voltage. All LAFC units are available in both 120 and 230 volt configurations. 120 volt configuration is by far the most common installment.



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