Cell Ceramic Standoff Kit


This kit includes 4 ceramic standoffs and  4 screws to repair a LakeAir electrostatic cell. Please use part number 401137 as a reference.


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This kit contains 4 ceramic standoffs and screws. Ceramic standoffs are used to provide crucial insulation for your LakeAir Electrostatic air purifier. Standoffs are made from high grade fired ceramic and can crack and fail over time with normal use and product movement. Great care needs to be taken when installing these parts as the ceramic if fairly fragile. Be certain the unit is unplugged and the electrostatic cell is removed from the unit before attempting any repairs.
Many times replacing the standoffs can avoid the need to replace a electrostatic cell. Each cell regardless of model has four ceramic standoffs. The screws included in the ceramic standoff kit are zinc plated #6-32 x 1/4 inch with a phillips head. Please use part number 401137 as a reference. If you have any questions about this part or any other part please call our customer service number 1-800-558-9436.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
Part ID

CM2, Excel, LA2, LAAS, LAD, LAFC, MAXG, Maxum, WM


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