Smoke Eater Reseller Opportunities

There are many good reasons to add smoke eaters to the line of products you sell your customers. 

  • Added Income: You can start selling LakeAir products immediately and add 1000’s of dollars to your sales income.
  • Product Line Expansion: Cigars, humidors and other cigar paraphernalia are great offering air cleaning systems makes you a more full service operation
  • Build Your Brand: LakeAir has a “white Label Program ” that allows you to build your brand. Expand your name and market reach.
  • Contractor Installation & Service:  As an HVAC Contractor you can build repeat business through installation and service contracts. A contractor that offers a full line of American made smoke eaters has a broader reach in the HVAC Market.  

It only make sense to sell your customers the same smoke eater system that is used by hundreds of Cigar lounges and Private Clubs across America. You want a brand that has been trusted for decades. This web page is dedicated to give you the  information to start yourself on the way to a new product line. We have programs for everyone from Corporations looking for White label to contractors who install units in their communities.

Five Programs to sell LakeAir Smoke Eaters

We have five different programs in which you can participate in. We allow a certain amount of customization in each level (tier).  Our tiers are based on the level of your sales. We encourage all resellers to sell above MSRP.

  1. Affiliate Program: As a LakeAir affiliate you can offer your clients LakeAir products and be paid a 10% Commission. As an affiliate you will receive training material so you can help your customers find the right smoke eater for there use. LakeAir covers all warranty and customer service issues.
  2.  Tier 1 (Contractor Pricing): Contractor pricing is offered to any legitimate HVAC or Construction contractor. Tier 1 is based on sales of 0 to $6000.00 of annual sales.  The discount is the smallest we offer. As a Tier 1 reseller you should expect the bulk of your profit to come from your installation and service contract. You are basically an installing representative. As your sales grow above $6000.00  your profit grows as well.
  3. Tier 2 ( Associate Pricing): Associate pricing is meant to be a stepping stone to build your volume to become a  Full Reseller. The sales levels for Tier 2 is $6000.00 to $25,000.00 annual sales. There is a small profit for the associate reseller as he or she works his way to Tier 3. On our current most popular smoke eater the Associate will make 16% profit before shipping which usually cost 4-5 %. 
  4. Tier 3 (Full Reseller): Our goal for tier 3 pricing is to allow the reseller to gross 25% or more on the sale of LakeAir products based on MSRP. All of the current Tier 3 resellers sell our products above MSRP. While this is not a requirement, they find the value of our products allows them to command the higher price. To be a Tier 3 reseller you must maintain a minimum of $25,000.00 in annual sales.
  5. White Label: We feel the 3 tiers of resellers help us build our brand. White label customers  are building their own brand. For this reason white label resellers pay 7% above tier 3 pricing.  We will work closely with white label customers to make the smoke eaters look like they are uniquely there own. This can include product redesign and laser logo branding.  

Getting More Information

The easiest way to get more information is to click on the links below and you will be taken to a web page to fill out a brief form. We will look your over submittal and then send you the appropriate information. Affiliates and Contractors will be sent information without review.  We promise to never sell any information you submit. Your privacy is important to us.

LakeAir Affiliate

10% Commission

Tier 1 (Contractor)

 $0 -$6000.00

Tier 2 (Associate)

$6000 – $25,000 

Tier 3 (Reseller)


White Label Branding

 Sales $25,000 +

Sell Free of Headaches

When you sell a LakeAir product you can be sure you have full factory support. We will handle all customer service issues. Your customer receives full support just as if they bought direct from the factory. We also take care of warranty issues. The 7 year limited warranty is one of the best in the industry.  We have a a super high rate of satisfaction and do all we can to make your customers experience is a good one and reflects well on you. Customer service is handle by people in our factory, not some over seas call center.