Air Purifiers and Some Common Misconceptions

While staying indoors keeps you safe from cold winter air, it also exposes you to stagnant, unhealthy air. Dust builds up over time, pet hair and dander remain trapped, and unpleasant odors may lurk in spaces like the laundry room. That sums up to an unclean, harmful living environment. An air purification system is a necessity! A portable air purifier with a powerful filter will efficiently clean impurities from your living spaces.

Despite their usefulness, some people are skeptical about them. Here are a couple of things people usually get wrong about air purification devices:

1. House plants will take care of the indoor air quality

While they may clean your indoor air to an extent, they can’t get rid of dust, pet hair, dander, and other harmful pathogens lurking in the air. You will cook meals, open windows, and your pets will leave hair and dander in different places inside the home. For truly clean and hygienic air quality, you need regular cleaning and an air purifier.

2. They are specifically for those with serious allergies

Irrespective of whether you have an allergic condition or not, an air purifier can benefit you. They are designed to remove impurities, odors, and allergens from the air, leaving your surroundings cleaner and healthier. Instead of filling your atmosphere with synthetic air fresheners that only make your room smell clean, invest in a premium-quality air purifier. That will actually ensure the room is clean! Our Excel Media Portable Air Purifier is 98% efficient in removing particulates as small as 5 microns.

3. Air purifiers will cure your allergies

While an air purifier is very helpful if you any allergies, but it is not a cure for it. Look at the bigger picture here. Investing in an air purifier will make a huge difference to your comfort levels by relieving symptoms. They trap most of the airborne allergens.

4. You don’t need to clean the room with an air purifier installed

Some people complain that the rooms gather dust even after installing an air purification system. You need to remember most airborne impurities that affect our indoor air quality are not visible to the naked eye. Your air purifier tackles such impurities! They do help you get rid of a substantial amount of dust and debris but are not a substitute for a proper cleaning routine.

5. One is more than enough for the entire house

Air purifiers, unlike dehumidifiers, are room-specific. You must check the room size requirements before investing in one. For your 15’ x 15’ room, the Excel Media Air Purifier is a perfect choice.

6. Air purification devices are noisy

The earlier models did use to be noisy. But nowadays you don’t have to put up with that. There are an array of air purification devices that make negligible noise.

7. Air purifiers are expensive

There are commercial-grade air purifiers that are a little on the higher side when it comes to price, but you can buy a standard air purifier for enhancing your air quality for about $300. Like the Excel Media Air Purifier.

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