Can a Portable Air Purifier Protect You From COVID-19?

Ever since scientists and health organizations from around the world raised the possibility of airborne transmission of COVID-19, the importance of having an indoor air purification system, such as portable air purifiers, has skyrocketed, primarily because most people now spend most of the day indoors. However, not many people are concerned about investing in an air cleaner for their homes or offices as they were for hand sanitizers and masks back in March when the pandemic officially began.

According to scientists and health experts, portable air purifiers can play a vital role in combating the spread of COVID-19, especially in places where people are in close contact, such as offices, public institutions, and homes. These devices are a simple and affordable solution to filtering air in closed spaces. You just need to plug the device and play, and you can rest assured that you and your family have access to clean, pathogen-free air.

How can portable air purifiers help?

It’s now accepted that COVID-19 can potentially spread through aerosol droplets released in the air when we speak, sing, breathe and talk. And the risk of transmission doubles in spaces where people are close to each other, and proper ventilation is close to nil. That said, having a portable air purifier can regularly clean the air circulating in that space and trap dirt, pollens, and pathogens, offering you and your family or employees clean air to breathe. Besides, it aids in ventilation by changing the air fully every hour or so. So, investing in this device can provide you with an additional layer of protection against COVID-19; however, this is to keep in mind that you should not overlook other preventive measures for COVID-19.

Which portable air purifier to buy?

If you have decided to buy a portable air cleaner for your home or office, it’s vital that you look for a unit that has a HEPA filter with an air cleaning rate of at least 300 cubic feet per minute. Much attention should be given to the size of your home or space where you plan to install it. For large spaces, you may need to go for a purifier with more air-cleaning capacity.

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