How can air purifiers help with weed smoke?

As more nations approve leisure marijuana use, communities worldwide are looking for ways to decrease weed smoke odors. When weed smoke is released into the indoor atmosphere and floods into the environment, it can severely impact the quality of this atmosphere. The combination of weed smoke has several chemicals and compounds, some of which are essentially considered unhealthy for your well-being. Cannabis, popularly known as weed, produces various unrefined compounds/pollutants into the air like Terpenes and VOCs that will considerably irk the air quality inside the house. Do you want to keep your weed use from stridently decreasing your indoor air quality and filling your home with strong odors? Purchasing an excellent residential air purifier made in the USA from LakeAir is the need of the hour and can do wonders for your family!

In this blog, we will discuss the compromising risks that weed smoke can have on health and learn whether an air purifier will facilitate poisonous weed smoke in your home’s interior air.

Does an Air Purifier eliminate odors?

The air inside your home or other indoor environments will hold onto any odor that enters into the surroundings and spreads this odor comprehensively all over the entire air space. You often use a quick spray of air freshener or switch on the diffuser to eliminate the odor from home. Nevertheless, we at LakeAir believe when it comes to particular odors such as weed odor removal of the smoke, the above solutions don’t turn out to be more effective when compared.

That is why an air purifier, specifically a home smoke eater  is an ideal option for eliminating odors from the air. Still, it is essential to do your homework before choosing the best air purifier for weed smoke in particular. Numerous air purifiers utilize different technologies that are proficient in getting rid of certain pollutants from the air, such as poisonous odors, chemicals, particulates, and allergens.

Why use an air purifier for weed smoke removal?

Deep/heavy smoke can quickly get into clothing items, making it all the more difficult to remove the smell of yourself when you’re set to go outdoors. If you live with other individuals, it is vital to understand that they are away from the marijuana smoke, as smoke inhalation may be uncomfortable, further aggravating the respiratory system, causing them to cough/sneeze. Besides, people who have asthma or other persistent respiratory disorders should be kept away from the smoke and odors produced by weed, which can trigger respiratory attacks. If you have a sensitive person around you, it’s imperative to use an air purification apparatus to keep your smoking actions from distressing them.

Which Type of Air Purifier for Weed Smoke Do You Need?

It is recommended to use  a combination HEPA or Electrostatic and carbon filtered air purifier to remove weed smoke and odors. The HEPA filter removes the tiny particles that produce smoke, while the carbon filter will eliminate the disgusting odors connected with weed smoke. LakeAir’s MAX-700  is your go-to option! It can clean the air numerous times an hour. For instance, in a smoking room 20′ X 20′ X 8′(h), the air will pass through the HEPA filter and carbon filter approximately ten times an hour. Smoke Eaters will eliminate more than 99% of smoke and its odor. The activated carbon can only absorb many odors; hence you must replace it once the carbon is saturated. Mutually, these two filter types will give you the maximum protection against both weed smoke and other airborne contaminants.

Guidelines for using an Air Purifier for weed smoke

On selecting the right air purifier for weed smoke, here are a few things you can do to keep the indoor effects of your smoking to a least or ensure you decrease weed smoke and odors to a feasible extent.

  1. Make use of the selected smoking area to keep odors building up in the whole house.
  2. Smoke outside as much as possible as weed smoke is far better released outdoors than indoors
  3. Avoid smoking a lot indoors to release some pressure from your air purifier
  4. Search a low-odor strain to help keep against weed odors taking over your entire house.

Although you will still smell the smoke while you’re smoking, using the right air purifier for weed will ensure that your entire residence doesn’t start to stink like it does most of the time.

If you have any doubts about using air purifiers for weed smoke and odors, then our experts have got you covered! Send us your queries, and we’ll be happy to provide you with answers and tailor-made product recommendations based on your requirements.

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