LAFC-RC2-Refurbished Air Purifier


The LAFC-RC2 provides up to 1500 CFM of air purification for any location. This refurbished unit is brought to you with a great price saving. .


The Best Ceiling Air Purifier Made in the USA

The LAFC-RC2- is a new product offering from LakeAir. The RC2 models use dual reverse curved blowers from the famous German fan manufacturer Zeil-Abegg. The new design significantly increases the amount of clean air available in the LAFC platform. These units can provide up to 1500 CFM of clean air depending on the model.

How It Works

Illustration of how the LAFC-RC2 Works

The powerful dual E Cube blowers pull dirty air up through the MERV 2 Prefilter. This filter removes large debris and allows longer periods between cleaning of the main filter. The dirty air enters the True HEPA filter where the viruses, mold, bacteria, dust, and all other particle are removed. Particle free air then passes through the activated carbon filter. The billions of pores in the carbon bed attract odorous gases and VOCs and hold them there. The now clean air is gently tumbled in the room below.

For More Information

For more information about the refurbished products currently available, please call our customer service specialist at 800-558-9436.


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