Mold Magnet Case (12) 8oz bottles

Case Lots Mold Magnet (12) 8 oz Bottles: Mold Magnet is a patented bio-molecular formulation that increases the capture of unhealthful mold, bacteria, and virus microbes on air filters. Each 8 oz bottle will treat more than 10 filters.



Product Features

  • Innovative all-natural biological formulation (U.S. Patented)
  • Works on standard (fiber and paper) HVAC and furnace filters and other filters such as car filters and room air filters
  • Independently tested and proven for extreme germ capture
  • Helps alleviate allergy symptoms
  • Lasts the full life of the furnace filter
  • Safe for your family and pets
  • Restores indoor air quality
  • Helps to capture spores, bacteria, viruses and allergens
  • 100% biodegradable

Notice About Using Mold Magnet on Surgical Masks

Bulk and Commercial Purchases

Mold Magnet is sold in a commercial strength formula. The Product is called IAQ-Pro FE. For more information about Commercial and Bulk Purchases visit

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