Maxum Standard Carbon Filter 4 Pack 499805

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499805 Carbon filter 4 pack saves you 10% on keeping the air in your home fresh and breathable. Eliminate harmful gasses and nasty odors by having a new carbon filter in your LakeAir air purifier. Buy 4, save 10%

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4 pack of LakeAir Carbon Filters 499005

Activated Carbon is the "KEY" to Odor Control

How odor is removed in a carbon filter

After your LakeAir smoke eater  removes the smoke particles, odor in gaseous form remains and travels into the carbon filter. In the carbon filter the odor molecules come into direct contact with the carbon crystals and are adsorbed. Electrostatic interactions within the carbon enhance the adsorption process. It is this relationship between odor molecules and activated carbon that causes effective removal of odor molecules from the air.

Illustration of how carbon crystal traps odor molecules

Carbon has a Limited Life Cycle

A granule of carbon can only hold so much matter. Like a sponge, carbon can only absorb odor. Unlike a sponge, you cannot wash the odor out of a carbon filter. It is necessary to throw your old carbon filter away and replace it with a fresh one. How do you when it’s time to replace your carbon filter? The only real way is the sniff test. Carbon filters remove the odors from the air best when they are new. The air in the room should be pleasant and odor free. When that pleasant sense of clean smelling room is gone, it is probably time to change the carbon filter.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 0.45 in


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