Maxum Super Carbon 4 Pack 499824


The 4 Pack of Maxum Super Carbon Filters saves you 10% verses buying them individually. The Super Carbon filter contains 30 x more carbon than a standard carbon filter. These filters remove stubborn odors and dangerous gasses from the air.


4 pack of LakeAir Carbon Filters

Carbon air filters remove odors from the air. As air passes through a carbon filter the gasses and odors are absorbed by the carbon granules in the filter. The Maxum Super Carbon filter is constructed with a honeycomb cardboard core. The core is covered by a thin mesh. A precise amount of carbon is evenly distributed throughout the cardboard core. The core is then covered with another layer of mesh, entrapping the carbon granules in their pockets.

Air tumbles through these carbon crystals. As gasses in the air come in contact with the carbon, it is drawn into the carbos porous structure. This process is known as absorption.

Activated Carbon is the "KEY" to Odor Control

Carbon has a Limited Life Cycle

A granule of carbon can only hold so much matter. Like a sponge, carbon can only absorb odor. Unlike a sponge, you cannot wash the odor out of a carbon filter. It is necessary to throw your old carbon filter away and replace it with a fresh one. How do you when it’s time to replace your carbon filter? The only real way is the sniff test. Carbon filters remove the odors from the air best when they are new. The air in the room should be pleasant and odor free. When that pleasant sense of clean smelling room is gone, it is probably time to change the carbon filter.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 0.85 × 12 in


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