Smoke Eater – Portable

Portable Smoke Eater

Every day, we are exposed to several unavoidable risks simply by being alive. There are also health threats in our daily lives that we can avoid—and one of them is poor indoor air quality. Luckily, knowing what a portable smoke eater is and how it works will help you understand this air cleaning system and provide the freshest and breathable air quality.

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MAX-Guard High Capacity Portable Floor Smoke Eater

Built on 4 heavy duty casters makes the MAX-Guard line highly portable. This is a beefy product and you might want to ask for help moving it between floors. These units are very solid and weigh about 80 pounds with a little bit of variance between models. The MAX-Guard line is a product people have been looking for, for a long time. Its is an attractive high air volume smoke eater for homes and businesses. This product is super sturdy,  and made to last 15-25 years. The blowers are rated for 60,000 hours of constant use. That should last you  over 5 years if you never turn the MAX-Guard off. More likely you will get 8-10 years before you need to change the blowers.  The blowers are super simple to change out. The average person can do this on their own. Beyond long life and heavy duty construction, these smoke eaters really work. 

  • 400 – 1500 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Electrostatic and Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Filter Cell 16 x 20 x 5
  • $2495.00 

  • Available for Pre-Order
  • 200 – 900 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Pre Filter / HEPA / Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed control
  • HEPA Filter  16 x 20 x 5
  • $2295.00

  • Available for Pre-Order
  • 350- 1100 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Pre Filter / MERV 15 / Carbon
  • Variable speed control
  • 95%  Efficient
  • $2100.00

  • Available for Pre-Order

Maxum Tabletop Line

The Maxum air purifiers find themselves a home just about anywhere in your house. The are great on a table or curio cabinet. You can place them on the  floor or up on a shelf. At less than 30 pounds they are not hard to move and not too great of a weight. Remember one thing; Air has to be able to get in and out of the Maxum for it to clean the air in your home or business. Its best to place your portable smoke eater close to the source of the smoke.

MAX-700 Electrostatic Air Purifier / Smoke Eater
Move anywhere in your home
  • 300 – 750 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Electrostatic and Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Table Top / Floor / Wall Mount
  • $995.00

Bedroom, livingroom any room
  • 300 – 750 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Electrostatic and Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Table Top / Floor / Wall Mount
  • $795.00

Maxum Electrostatic Air Purifier
Easy to move room to room
  • 300 – 750 CFM
  • Smoke and Odor Removal
  • Electrostatic and Carbon Filter
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Table Top / Floor / Wall Mount
  • $650.00

Smoke Eater Product Videos

Smoke Eater: Things You Need to Know

A smoke eater is one of your best options for removing toxic fumes from your home or business. It is a high-performance air cleaner device that works to remove unpurified air from a specific area, allowing for clean air.

Its air purification system draws in air that goes through a series of filters, including collection cells that extract charged particles into a carbon after-filter, which effectively removes smoke odors to produce clean air.

A smoke eater unit can capture up to 97% of airborne contaminants every time air passes through them and work well in both large and small spaces.
LakeAir has a large selection of smoke eaters for both residential and commercial use. All of them are effective at removing smoke from cigars, cigarettes, hookah, vaping, cooking, and wildfires.

LakeAir smoke removers are effective in establishments ranging from 50 to 50,000 square feet of space, such as homes, restaurants, bars, or other areas with tobacco smoke, and filter fumes and vapors from welding, plasma cutting, laser, and other manufacturing processes.

LakeAir Industrial Smoke Eater

A LakeAir Industrial smoke eater is ideal for a wide range of uses. We have provided purification solutions for a wide range of industrial and maintenance processes.

Welding, laser, metal fab shops, rocket testing, plating, textiles, commercial bakeries, auto repair, and a variety of other businesses are a few examples.

Social Smoking Venues

Social smoking venues are becoming more popular. Our commercial smoke eater purifies the air in your commercial establishments. Clean air aids in the retention of valuable customers, and these units easily pay for themselves over time. The casters on the MAX-Guard makes the highly portable smoke eaters for your cigar shop.

Home Smoke Eaters

LakeAir manufactures the most potent home smoke eater and we have several products that are specifically designed for your home’s private smoking room.

Utilize Portable Smoke Eaters for Your Home or Business

High-quality indoor air is important for good health. Here are some of the ways LakeAir smoke eater air cleaners can help you in creating a cleaner and healthier home or business:

Helps Remove Harmful Fumes

When using equipment that emits harmful fumes for extended periods of time, you run the risk of causing respiratory problems. By redirecting fumes away from your face, a fume extractor greatly reduces the likelihood of developing health problems.

Removes Harmful Contagions in the Air

The extractor not only removes harmful fumes from the air but also traps small particles in the air surrounding the workplace. This results in a safer working environment because any particles formed during the work are removed.

Various Filtration Options

For extraction devices, various types of filtration are available, including pre-filters, HEPA filters, and active carbon filters. Active carbon is the most efficient because, unlike the others, it traps particles in its form.

Because it absorbs fumes, odors, and harmful smoke particulates, this is the safest type of air filtration system.

Lake Air’s Green Manufacturing

At LakeAir, we’re committed to principles of green manufacturing that encompass far more than just energy efficiency:


LakeAir Products have been made in the United States since 1968. The majority of our outsourced parts and services are purchased from Wisconsin vendors.

On average, more than 90% of the parts in LakeAir products are made in the United States.

Easily-Recycled or Biodegradable

Our units are very recyclable because LakeAir Products are made up of more than 90% recyclable products. Only a few plastic switches and replacement filters must be discarded. Steel is used to construct the frames and bodies of all of our air purifier models.


Air purifiers and most small appliances have become increasingly energy efficient in recent years. Most green manufacturing air purifiers cost only pennies per day to operate, and LakeAir Products are no different.

In most cases, the only environmentally friendly feature of other air purifier technology is energy efficiency.

Our products outlast most air purifiers by two to three times, have over 90% of their parts recycled, use local resources, and cost only pennies per day to run! Green is something we strive for in everything we do, from our packaging to our smallest parts.

Portable Smoke Eater from LakeAir

Since 1968, LakeAir has been committed to helping our customers breathe the clean air they deserve.

We provide a wide range of smoke eaters for commercial use as well as a variety of smoke eaters for home use. We have everything you need and can help you find the best air purifier for cigarette smoke particles, cigar smoke smell, and more, regardless of your situation or the volume of smoke you want to remove.

LakeAir air purifiers are all made in the United States, ensuring that your residential or commercial facilities have the cleanest air possible while removing harmful particles and airborne pollutants.

With over five decades of experience, you can trust that our team of air purifier experts will recommend the best one for your industry needs.

To learn more about how we can help you find the best portable smoke eater for your needs, contact us at 800-558-9436 at LakeAir today!