Clean Air and Cigars

Whether you sell or buy cigars, there are ways to do it better. You can make the cigar more enjoyable for yourself or for your customers. Clean air and cigars don’t seem to belong in the same sentence, at least not in a positive way. Truth be told, clean air makes a cigar more enjoyable. Cigar forums are filled with accounts of how much nicer a cigar is outside. Why is that? The clean air allows you or your customers to enjoy the cigar more fully. Every cigar has its own complex mix of body, flavor and strength. Clean air flowing into your cigar allows it to exhibit its own unique combination of characteristics. The incoming air needs to be free from smoke and also its odor.

Remove More Than Smoke.

Smoke Eaters do a great job of removing the smoke from a room. To truly enhance the cigar experience you have to remove the odor of the smoke. In a smoking venue like a cigar lounge removing the smoke odor allows each individual to more fully savor the cigar he or she is smoking. In the home smoking room removing the odor serves 2 purposes. One, you will be able to more fully enjoy that expensive cigar you bought. Two, other people in the house will not smell your great cigar, and likely allow you a much greater enjoyment level. Cigar smoking does not have to be a guilty pleasure if others are not inconvenienced.

LakeAir makes a line of odor control air purifiers. Each of these air purifiers has an emphasis on removing odor. While they remove more than smoke odors they do a particularly good job on smoke odor. This is accomplished by using high grade virgin activated charcoal made form coconut shells. Our commercial units incorporate several individual activated carbon filters to increase odor removal effectiveness.

The Money side of Clean Air and Cigars

Cigars can be bought at many different price points. Cigars that cost more are usually those that are better constructed and have subtleties in flavor. They likely have a fuller body and a consistent strength. Fresh and odor free air will allow the qualities of cigar to be noticed. When you combine clean air and cigars, your customer can taste the quality; he will be much more likely to purchase the featured cigar. You sell many quality cigars. Let them rise to the top of your shop’s sales. Don’t allow dirty smelling air to put all cigars on the same level.


For the consumer, it makes no sense to spend extra money on a fancy cigar if you can’t taste the difference. If you want to fully enjoy your cigar, smoke it in an environment that enhances your enjoyment. With an odor controlling air purifier you can savor your cigar. You don’t need to smoke it quickly so the odor doesn’t escape into the entire home. With a LakeAir Maxum in your smoking room, you can enjoy a cigar with friends. A cigar is a wonderful thing, smoking a great cigar with friends is even better. Clean the air and allow everyone in your home enjoy the cigar experience.

How about a Second Cigar

Clearing your sense of smell can greatly add to the enjoyment of a cigar. Your sense of taste plays a big role in enjoyment too. Your sense of taste is controlled mostly by taste buds. Your mouth contains as many as 10,000 taste buds. Cleansing your palate is a process where you rinse and coat your mouth. Learning how to cleanse your palate and taste flavors can help to enhance the taste buds and allow you to pick up on the tiniest of flavors in cigars. Just like cleansing your palate when sampling wine the items listed below can get you senses ready for another cigar.


  • Water plain or with lime
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Ginger
  • Ice tea with a bit of lemon
  • Pineapple juice


There are a number of other suggestions commonly found in cigar enjoyment forums. The thing to remember is that approaching a cigar with a fresh environment helps the enjoyment of your favorite Cigar. Clean your palate with freshening taste and clean the air with an odor control air purifier from LakeAir. Enjoy clean air and cigars.

Products that Clean the Air and Enhance Enjoyment

The LA2000-OC is a ceiling hung air purifier. It employs an electrostatic filter to remove smoke from the air. It uses a 6 chamber, 10 pound carbon filter to remove smoke odor from the air. It has an air volume of 1200 CFM.

  • 1200 CFM
  • 97% Efficient to .1 micron
  • 6 chamber Carbon filter
  • Ceiling hung or wall mount

The LAFC-RC2-S is a ceiling mount air purifier. It quietly provides 1500 CFM of smoke and odor control. The LAFC-RC2-S is a dual blower electrostatic air purifier paired with a  activated carbon filter. This unit fits perfectly into a 2’ x 4’ ceiling grid

  • 1000 CFM
  • 97% efficient to .1 micron
  •  Super carbon filter
  • dual blowers
  • mounts flush to ceiling
LAFC-RC2-S $2495.00

The MAX-700 is a commercial air purifier for the home. It moves a massive 650 CFM of air. It is the strongest air purifier in its class. It uses an electrostatic filter cell to remove 97% of all impurities from the air. The air then travels through the M-super carbon to remove odors. The M-super Carbon filter is the same odor remover used by the California Highway Patrol.

  • 650 CFM
  • 97% efficient to .1 micron
  • M-Super  Carbon Filter
  • Table top Unit 13 x 17 x 13