LAAS-1600-MH 1500 CFM HEPA Air Scrubber


The LAAS-1600 MH is a great air scrubber with long filter life. The high capacity initial filter extends the life of the primary HEPA filter


Commercial HEPA Air Scrubber

The LakeAir Air Scrubber lineup has many great units. This 1500 CFM Commercial HEPA Air scrubber is pretty much what most contractors are looking for. You can choose  from 8″ / 12″ / 16″  duct adapter size or  standard screen grill on intake and or exhaust. The LAAS has a variable speed controller that allows you to adjust how much suction you need for your application. No more collapsing your work enclosure because of pressure imbalance.

 This Commercial air scrubber provides ultra clean air. This air scrubber is all steel construction. The frame is made of sturdy 14 gauge steel. The exterior skin is 20 gauge steel with heat bonded  tough vinyl coating.  The stock air scrubber has 4 rubber feet. Casters and Utility cart are available as an add on purchase.

Heavy Duty Blowers

LakeAir LAAS 1600 models have (2) 1000 CFM blowers. These blowers have a wide temperature operation range. Most air scrubbers are limited to ambient air temperatures. LakeAir scrubbers can safely operate in temperature ranges 30 degrees higher or lower than competitors models.

These blowers use less energy. You would expect high power  blowers like this to gobble up electricity. The 2 blowers together in turbo mode use less than 600 watts. LAAS Air scrubber are affordable to purchase and operate.. 

Long Warranty ~ Product Stability

Our heavy duty  construction allows us to offer  a long life warranty. Our air scrubbers have a 7 year warranty. Beyond a long warranty, they are designed to be easily repaired. 10 years from now, repairs on your LakeAir Air scrubber will be easy and affordable. There are no circuit boards to replace. We use simple long lasting construction. Expect this product to last a very long time. LakeAir has been around for 50 years. We will be around for another 50. When you need parts, replacement filters or any other related product you can be assured we will be here for you.


Product Specifications

  • Capacity                                                       600-1500 CFM
  • Filter Slots                                                   2 Large & 2 Mini
  • Intake Adapter                                            8″ / 12″/ 16″ / Mesh
  • Exhaust Adapter                                         8″ / 12″/ 16″ / Mesh
  • Unit Size                                                      21.5″ x 22″ x 21.5″
  • Shipping Size                                              23″ x 30″ x 23″
  • Unit Weight                                                110 pounds
  • Shipping Weight                                        135 pounds
  • Power Usage                                               600 watts
  • Power                                                           120v, / AC 60 Hz/ 3 Amps
  • Sound Level                                                 43 – 69 dB(A) @ 15 feet
  • Particle removal                                         99.97% to 0.3 microns
  • Cabinet Finish                                             Black & White Steel Clad Vinyl
  • Warranty                                                       7 Year Limited

Additional information


Black, White

Intake Duct Adapter Size

8 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch, Grill Screen

Exhaust Duct Adapter Size

8 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch, Grill Screen


Cannablend, Carbon, Electrostatic, Grease, HEPA, MERV 11, MERV 14, MERV 15, UVC


Allergens, Dust, Gases, Mold, Odors, Pet Dander, Pet Hair, Smoke, Very Fine Partices, VOCs


3-4 Amps


Variable Speed Control


115 Volt, 230 Volt


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