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LAFC Ceiling HEPA Air Purifier


LAFC Ceiling mount air purifier

The LAFC HEPA air purifier provides super clean air quietly and discreetly. This unit is suitable for clean rooms, doctors offices and labs. It features a HEPA filtration system removing 99.97% airborne particles down to .3 microns. The carbon filter removes odors and VOCs.


LAFC ceiling HEPA air purifier

The Model LAFC ceiling HEPA air purifier combines the beauty and convenience. It mounts flush to the ceiling with the efficiency and quiet operation. The LAFC has qualities  normally  found  in pass-through style units. The ceiling HEPA air purifier has a mini pleat True HEPA filter. The filter removes 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns.  The LAFC HEPA delivers up to 800 cfm of clean air. Your breathing environment is more healthy. the LAFC has two adjustable louvers on the clean air delivery panels.  This allows an infinite variety of airflow patterns. All LAFC models have an aluminum pre filter and an activated charcoal filter.  This model has easy access to internal component for cleaning and maintenance through a hinged panel.

The LAFC flush mounting system allows it to provide super clean air while perfectly blending into the rooms decor. The HEPA Filter has integrated activated charcoal filter that removes harmful VOC’s and unwanted odors. You can add the L-Super Carbon filter (part# 499039) for more odor control All of these great features make it your first choice for beauty and quiet, efficient operation. These units work great  in restaurants, lounges, conference or computer rooms – wherever you would like to breathe clean, fresh air!

Only a little room gives A Lot of Clean

The LAFC ceiling HEPA air purifier requires only 11 inches of head room to be mount flush with the ceiling. A LAFC frame fits nicely into a 2′ x 4′ drop ceiling grid. The LAFC weighs only 92 pounds.  It is very light for what it does. The LAFC ceiling HEPA air purifier is fitted with 4 1/4-20 nut inserts.  4 eye bolts (included) secure the unit to the ceiling supports.. This allows for drop ceiling mounting as well. This unit  can provide HEPA filtration 4 times an hour in a room 40′ x 40′. These units are small enough that multiple units look great  and work well together in larger areas


LAFC ceiling HEPA air purifier

Another Mounting Option for the LAFC

More LAFC Facts

LakeAir units cost just pennies to run. LakeAir also reduces heating and air conditioning costs. this is accomplished by eliminating the need to exhaust contaminated air and reconditioning the replacement air. Electronic equipment lasts longer when dust and grime are removed from the air. You’ll breathe easier with these savings. LAFC units  boast a 7 year limited warranty, the best in the industry.The Media unit removes 95% of particles as small as 1 micron. The LAFC electrostatic model removes 97% of air impurities down to .1 micron. The electrostatic filter is washable. All LAFC units can be installed within a 2′ x 4′ area of an acoustical panel drop ceiling.   This unit can be purchased on our website or from one of our selling partners.



LAFC-Flush Ceiling Air Purifier

  • capacity 600-800 cfm
  • unit size 47.75 x 23.75 x 11″
  • unit weight 92 lb.
  • sound level 43-49 db (A) @ 15′
  • particle removal: 99.7% of airborne particles as small as .3 micron
  • Power 120v, AC/60Hz/5 amps -or-
  •             230v, AC/50/60 Hz/2.5 amps
  • shipping weight 104 lb.
  • replaceable HEPA filter with integrated carbon
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty

Additional Information

Weight 92 lbs

Product Application


Cash counting room air purifiers

According to NIOSH,  health problems related to the work environment were reported in  rooms where counting coin and paper currency was done. Ventilation systems did not appear to adequately provide sufficient quantities of clean air to the Hard and Soft Count rooms.  the Soft Count room was the most severely under ventilated. RH levels were well below accept- able comfort criteria, which may account for some of the eye and nasal irritation re- ported by workers.

In this last year we have seen several LAFC ceiling HEPA air purifiers used to control air contamination in money counting rooms. The LAFC Ceiling HEPA air purifiers are being specified by air quality engineers. These unit are being installed by maintenance staff and mechanical contractors in banks and casinos as cash counting room air purifiers. To keep the air fresh and the cash room air purifiers working properly it is important to change the HEPA filters regularly.

Great Mobil Applications

The LAFC ceiling HEPA air purifier has been used in mobile medical applications. When the University of New York put together a mobile dental hospital, to serve the communities of New York, They had to find a HEPA air purifier that would fit into a small space. They could not find a suitable HEPA air purifier in Grainger  and other commercial catalogs.  The LAFC was compact enough to fit into the construction design and the 5 amp power draw would not over tax the units electrical generation system. Super clean air was critical for this application. The LakeAir LAFC Ceiling HEPA air purifier was able to achieve the 99.7% efficiency needed to make this mobile dental hospital a success.

Upscale Restaurants  and Cigar lounges

The LakeAir LAFC Ceiling HEPA air purifier has been installed in numerous upscale restaurants and cigar bars. As great as the odors from the kitchen might be, it is best to let the cuisine presented provide the aroma around the table. Cigar lounges often have private rooms for parties and the LAFC provides each room with an environment where a a good cigar can be enjoyed rather than being choked on.


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