Commercial Air Purifiers Made in the USA

Commercial Air Purifiers are a strong product offering for LakeAir. We understand what it takes to clean the air in a commercial and industrial setting. Our products have been cleaning the air in shops and factories since 1968.  We use heavy duty all steel construction. American steel and aluminum take the place of plastic used in most domestic and foreign brands. Our products are easy to use, They are built to provide years of service. 

 One LakeAir commercial unit can purify the air in a room up to 50 feet x 50 feet. They can be mounted from the ceiling. You can mount them on the wall. The LAFC mounts in a 2’ x 4’ ceiling grid. 1/4-20 threaded inserts make positioning a snap.  You can deploy them alone or in groups to handle almost any size room. LakeAir has the clean air solution for your business. No matter where you need it, LakeAir provides clean air everywhere.

  • Solid 14 gauge steel frame – made in the USA
  • Dual Cell purification  with 2100 CFM air flow
  • Room  size up to 50′ x 50′
  • Removes pollutants from Industrial Locations for safe air on the job.
  •  Ceiling Hung / Wall Mount / Cart Mount

LA2000-OC Odor Control

  • Solid 14 gauge steel frame – made in the USA
  • Single Cell Air Purifier / 10 pound Activated  Carbon filter for odor control
  • Room  size up to 40′ x 40′
  • Best Air Purifier for Odor Control
  •  Ceiling Hung / Wall Mount / Cart Mount

LA1400 Commercial /Retail Air Purifier ~ Available in Electrostatic & Media

  • Solid 14 gauge steel frame – made in the USA
  • Radial fan design for high CFM air flow
  • Electrostatic 97% efficient to .01 micron ~ HEPA 99.97% efficient to .3 micron ~ Media 95% efficient to 5 micron
  • Room  size up to 40′ x 40′
  • Removes Smoke, Dust, Mold, Pollen, and other pollutants commonly found in commercial and retail establishments
  • Ceiling Hung / Wall Mount / Cart Mount

LAFC Flush Ceiling Mount Air Purifier Available in Electrostatic / HEPA / Media

  • Solid 14 gauge steel frame – made in the USA
  • Quiet Centrifugal fan design
  • Electrostatic 97% efficient to .01 micron ~ HEPA 99.97% efficient to .3 micron ~ Media 95% efficient to 5 micron
  • Super HEPA offers extended HEPA Filter Life and higher HEPA efficiency.
  • Room  size up to 35′ x 35′
  • Removes Smoke, Dust, Mold, Pollen, and other pollutants commonly found in professional and retail establishments
  • Flush Ceiling mount / Ceiling Hung 

Versatile Products

LakeAir makes heavy duty air purifiers for industrial and commercial uses. Install one or more units to filter out pollution in almost any size area. LakeAir commercial air purification products can be found in many places. The LA1400 is great for small retail spaces like flower shops or dry cleaners. The LAFC is used in professional settings ~ Doctors waiting rooms and Dentists exam rooms. The LA2000 is industrial strength for welding and fabrication applications. You will find our filtration systems everywhere from a smoky bar to a money counting room. Our products ca be used anywhere you need clean air. That’s why our mission statement is “LakeAir ~ Clean Air Everywhere”.

 Built to Last

LakeAir commercial air cleaners are built from 14 gauge steel.  Heavy duty construction ensures long life and durability. We use high quality electric motors and blowers. Our units electronics have a 7 year warranty. We powder coat our parts for a durable finish. Vinyl clad skins provide lasting beauty. We weld joints on multiple sides. No tack welding at LakeAir. We avoid plastic whenever possible. We test each commercial air cleaner to ensure it functions properly when it arrives at your business.


The LA series is a blend of rugged design and massive airflow. The radial fan design moves large quantities of air. This air flow provides good ventilation. Our commercial air purifier is built for business. They clean air in today’s challenging business environments.  LakeAir commercial air purification systems are hard on dirty air. But,they are easy on your operating budget. The electrostatic filters are washable.  They will last for years. You will avoid expensive filter replacement.  Our 3 filter system purifies the airstream in your shop. Therefore, your equipment will last longer. Cleaning the air in your business reduces heating cost. Because don’t have to reheat air from the outside. Our units are priced more affordable, compared to competitors. These reasonably price products can be purchased on our site or from one of our reselling partners

Worker Safety and OSHA Compliance

OSHA takes the air quality in your work place seriously. Modern manufacturing processes often produce harmful particulate.  These particles can enter the lungs of people at your business. Fumes and gases (also known as volatile organic compounds)  can enter the air stream. They may pose a threat to employee health. You need to remove these hazards.  Your employees and customers health depends on it. A business may be subjected to OSHA fines if due diligence is not taken. The price of an effective air purifying system is money well spent. Always hedge your bet on the side of safety. 

Need Help Developing Your IAQ Plan?

When you consider purchasing a commercial air purifier system you need to examine several aspects of your facility.

  • Determine what airborne byproducts are created by the manufacturing processes you use.
  • Most business activities create more than one kind of indoor air pollution. Be thorough in detailing potential airborne hazards.
  • Discover what health risks are present due to indoor air pollution.
  • Define the size of the area you need to provide air purification for.
  • Prepare a detailed floor plan showing ceiling height, doors and air handling equipment.

Please submit this information to with a request for a free proposal and estimate. We have over 40 years of experience.  We will help you determine the right solution for your unique set of circumstances.

Commercial Air Filtration for Professional Locations

From $1300.00

Commercial Air Purifiers for Profesionals

The LAFC ceiling mount commercial air purifier is sleek and quiet for professional settings. Doctors’ offices and exam room are great uses for these units. The LAFC commercial ceiling mount air cleaner fits into 2 ‘ x 4’ ceiling grid. One LAFC can provide HEPA filter, MERV 11 or electrostatic air filtration for 2400 sq. ft. area. 

Mobile Hospitals ~ Upscale Restaurants ~ Dental Suites ~ Massage Facilities ~ Funeral Homes ~ Child Care ~ Libraries ~ Banks ~ Government Offices ~ Executive Suites ~ Exam Rooms ~ Decontamination Units ~ and Many More

Industrial Air Purifiers


Welding Air Purifying

Our Electrostatic Industrial air purifier offers high clean airstream output. The LA air purification systems provide clean air flow for today’s challenging business environments.   The LA2000 uses two collecting cells with over 26,000 square inches of collecting area. .The radial fan design moves 2100 CFM of air through an aluminum pre-filter, electrostatic cells, and activated carbon filter.  This provides great clean air ventilation.  Electrostatic precipitators are great in high smoke and fume areas. Therefore they work great in laser and plasma shops.   One LA2000 Industrial Air Purifier can clean the air in a room to 4000 square feet. These units work great alone or in tandem.

Commercial Air Purifiers for Retail

Starting at $1199.00

The LA1400 Commercial Air Cleaner  is a great fit for your business space.  These units are available in 2 filter types MERV 11 and Electrostatic. Each unit includes pre-filter and activated carbon filter. Carbon filters remove volatile organic compounds. The LA 1400 is a high quality commercial air purification system for many business applications.  The LA1400 has a relatively low cost in comparison with other units that provide less air purification.

Nail Salons  Print Shops  Florists  Dry Cleaners  Restaurants  Vape Lounges  Candle Shops  Pet Stores  Bingo Halls  Cigar Bars  Hardware Stores  Automotive Repair  Animal Hospitals  Many More

Commercial Air Purifiers for the Home

From $438.00

LakeAir Air Purifiers for the Home


The Maxum is a commercial strength air purifier for the Home and Office. The Maxum is used in private smoking rooms, restaurants and many small retail outlets. It provides clean air for large rooms in your home.  This product will remove mold, pollen, smoke and many other indoor pollutants. The Maxum cleans far better than big box store air cleaners.


The Maxum Media air purifier has a disposable MERV 11 filter. This filter removes mold, dust, pollen and most of the common indoor air pollution. These impurities plague asthma and allergy suffers. The filter will last up to one year in many home environments

Odors and Fumes

Each LakeAir product includes an activated carbon filter. This filter removes odors and VOCs. Household items like cleaners, candles, perfumes and pesticides emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Maxum model can take advantage of the Supermax carbon filter. It can protect your family and pets for up to a year

  • 275 CFM
  • 24 pounds
  • 120 / 230 V ~ 102 watts
  • MEDIA and Electrostatic
  • 7 Year limited Warranty
  • Black / White / Walnut / Brushed Aluminum
  • 17" x 13" x 15"