Commercial Air Purifiers

LakeAir manufactures heavy duty commercial air purifiers for many light industrial and commercial uses. Our commercial air cleaners are designed for various situations. They can be deployed alone or with other units to filter out pollution in almost any size area. One LakeAir commercial air purifier can clean the air in a room up to 60 feet x 60  feet. our units can be purchased on our site or from one of our reselling partners

Built to Last

LakeAir commercial units are built from 14 gauge  american steel.  This heavy duty construction ensures long life and great durability. All LakeAir  air purifiers are made in the USA. We use high quality electric motors and blowers. Our electronic power supplies have an industry leading 7 year warranty. Each unit is put through a battery of tests, making sure it functions properly when it arrives at your business. If you come across the odd issue, our customer service department will make things right.


 The LA series is a blend of rugged design and massive airflow. This robust model thrives in dirty environments. The radial fan design moves large quantities of air to provide good ventilation. our commercial air cleaners provide clean air for today’s challenging business environments.  Electrostatic air cleaners are especially well suited to high smoke and fume areas found in welding facilities and metal fab shops. 

LakeAir commercial air purifiers are hard on dirty air but easy on your operating budget. Washable electrostatic filters have almost no back pressure and will last for years. The new Super HEPA configuration will keep replacement of expensive HEPA filters to a minimum. Our 3 filter system purifies the airstream in your shop, helping your equipment to last longer. Cleaning the air in your business means you reduce heating cost because don’t have to reheat air from the outside.

Commercial air purifier applications

A LakeAir Commercial air purifier functions well in a number of environments.  Our units are of various designs to work just about anywhere you might need them. Our air purifiers can be installed in the ceiling, on the wall, on a bench or table top, in the ventilation ducts, on the floor hung from a beam. Wherever you need air purification there is a LakeAir model to fit your needs. Our commercial airflow cleaners  can be found in so many places, anywhere from a smokey bar to a surgical suite. Our all encompassing approach to air purification lends itself to our company mission statement “LakeAir ~ Clean Air  Everywhere “

Worker Safety and OSHA Compliance

OSHA takes the air quality in your work place seriously, and so should you. Modern manufacturing processes often give off harmful particulate. Many chemicals are used to make procedures more efficient. These chemicals and particles enter the air stream and may pose a threat to employee health. No matter what industry you are in you need to be aware of the risks your employees and customers maybe be exposed to. By using self-contained or induct air purification systems you can protect the people who work in and visit your facility.

It is important to examine for manufacturing activities. Determine what airborne byproducts may be created by the processes you use. After you know what health risks may be present you can then asses what air filtration is required. A business may be subjected to OSHA fines or other legal actions if due diligence is not taken.

Your business may not be liable under the current OSHA regulations. It is however good practice to consider the safety of all those who enter your business. The cost of an effective commercial air purifier will money well spent. Hedging on the side of safety is always a good bet. LakeAir offers several air cleaning systems. We have over 40 years of experience to draw upon as we help you determine the right solution for your unique set of circumstances.

Need Help Developing Your IAQ Plan?

When you consider purchasing a Commercial or Industrial Air purifier system you need to examine several aspects of your facility.  Ascertain what health risks  might be present in your facilities environmental elements.  Most business activities create more than one kind of indoor air pollution. Be thorough in detailing potential air borne hazards.  Determine how much large of an area you need provide air purification for. We suggest you submit a floor plan to us, showing us a good detail of the area. Please include ceiling height and structures within the area that might impede air flow. Location of doors and existing air handling equipment is helpful in creating the proper IAQ plan for your project. This Information can be sent to with a request for a free proposal and estimate.

Commercial Air Purifiers for Professional Locations

From $1300.00

Commercial Air Purifiers for Profesionals

The LAFC ceiling mount commercial air purifier is  sleek and quiet for professional settings. These units are often found in exam rooms  and doctors offices. The LAFC commercial ceiling air cleaner fits into 2 ‘ x 4’ ceiling  grid. One LAFC can provide  HEPA, MERV 11 and electrostatic air filtration for 2400 sq. ft. of professional space. You will find the LAFC quietly doing its work in many professional applications

Mobile Hospitals ~ Upscale Restaurants ~ Dental Suites ~ Massage Facilities ~ Funeral Homes ~ Child Care ~ Libraries ~ Banks ~ Government Offices ~ Executive Suites ~ Exam Rooms ~  and Many More

  • 1100 -1300 CFM
  • 85 pounds
  • 120 / 230 V ~ 5 / 2.5 Amps
  • HEPA / MEDIA / Electrostatic
  • 7 Year limited Warranty
  • Black and White

Air Purifiers for Industry


Welding Air Purifying

Our Industrial electrostatic air purifier offers high clean air- stream output. The LA series commercial air cleaner provides clean airflow for today’s challenging business environments.   The LA2000 uses two collecting cells with over 26,000 square inches of collecting area. This massive  dirt collecting area increases efficiency. The LA Series is a blend of rugged design and massive airflow. This robust model thrives in dirty environments. The radial fan design moves large quantities of air  through an aluminum pre-filter, electrostatic cells, and activated carbon filter to provide great clean air ventilationElectrostatic precipitators are especially well suited to high smoke and fume areas found in welding facilities and metal fab shops.   One LA2000 can clean the air in a room to 4000 square feet. These units work great alone or in tandem.


Free shipping 

Black / White / Walnut


  • 2100 CFM
  • 95 pounds
  • 97% to .01 Microns
  • 7 Year limited warranyy
  • 120 V / 230 V 6 amp / 3 Amp

Commercial Air Purifiers for Retail

Starting at $1099.00

The LA1400  is a great fit for your business space. 2500 square feet of clean air from one LA1400  These units are available in 3 filter types  MERV 11, Electrostatic, and HEPA. Each unit also includes pre-filter and activated charcoal filter. This versatility makes the LA 1400 a good air filtration system for many business applications

Nail Salons ~ Print Shops ~ Florists ~ Dry Cleaners ~ Restaurants ~ Vape Lounges ~ Candle Shops ~ Pet Stores ~ Bingo Halls ~ Cigar Bars ~ Hardware Stores ~ Automotive Repair ~ Animal Hospitals ~ Many More

  • 700 -1300 CFM
  • 79 pounds
  • 120 / 230 V ~ 6 / 3 Amps
  • HEPA / MEDIA / Electrostatic
  • 7 Year limited Warranty
  • Black / White / Walnut

Commercial Air Purifiers for the Home

From $438.00

LakeAir Air Purifiers for the Home

The Maxum is a commercial strength air cleaner for the Home and Office. The Maxum is used in private smoking rooms, restaurants, on welding benches and host of other applications. The commercial power of the Maxum makes it a real winner around the home. The Maxum cleans far better than the units you will find at the big box store. Get the best for your home. Get the the Maxum.

The Maxum Electrostatic  removes 97% of of indoor pollution  to .01 microns. The large volume of air means the Maxum actually does a better job than many so called “hepa” filters. The washable filter saves money compared to expensive filter replacement. The Maxum has been tested for ozone levels and falls within the state of California guide lines.

The Maxum Media air purifier has a disposable MERV 11 filter  This filter will remove mold, dust, pollen and most of the common indoor air pollutants that plague asthma and allergy suffers. The filter will last up to one year in many home environments. You can treat your media filter with Mold Magnet to raise the MERV rating by up to 7 levels.

Most pets spend more time indoors than their human counterparts. The Maxum commercial air cleaner has the power to clean the environment for our furry friends. Not only do our pets breathe the tainted air, they are also effected by the pollution that falls into their bedding and food dishes. Exposure to second and third hand smoke is believed to cause cancer in both dogs and cats.

Each LakeAir air purifier includes an activated carbon filter that removes odors and VOCs. Household items like cleaners, candles, perfumes and pesticides emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Maxum model can take advantage of the Supermax carbon filter that can protect your family and pets for up to a year. Charcoal filters have a fixed life and have to be changed after they have absorbed all the fumes they can.

  • 275 CFM
  • 24 pounds
  • 120 / 230 V ~ 102 watts
  • MEDIA and Electrostatic
  • 7 Year limited Warranty
  • Black / White / Walnut
  • 17" x 13" x 15"

Commercial Grade Smoke Eaters

Commercial Smoke Eater

Commercial Electrostatic Air Purifiers are true smoke eaters. Our high pass through design allows LakeAir  electrostatic  air cleaners to gobble up ridiculous amounts of smoke. After the electronic cell decimates the smoke, the activated carbon filter removes the odor.

We offer 6 different smoke eating options depending on your room size and smoke volume. LakeAir smoke eaters are great, but every machine has its limits. Sometimes you might have to combine products to achieve the level of air purification to suit your specific smoke eating needs

Commercial Air Purifiers for Education

Schools are our children’s workplaces. They are about four times more densely occupied than offices. The air pollution density is between 2  to 5 times higher. IAQ in schools is very important.  LakeAir filtration Systems remove particles in the air as small as .03 microns. This includes mold, dust, pollen, bacteria, and in some models even viruses.

 RK Ventures Inc. is proud to announce a program to allow schools to examine the benefits of improved indoor air quality. We will
install a LakeAir Air purifying system in one classroom of any school wishing to participate in a 90 day free no obligation trial.